Frank O'Toole's Set lists for Nov 13, 1998

"Holiday Fair's "ahappenin' in Manhattanin!"

Friday 11PM - 2AM

...yes, full speed ahead! The FMU Holiday Record Fair is this Friday (11/20), Saturday(21), and Sunday(22). Go back to the FMU web site for details. I, and everyone else from the station, will be on hand to help, and meet and greet. Big savings for great gift ideas.
Show-wise, this was mishap-free, considering the nonsense that it was on a Friday the 13th. But now that the date has passed, I can boldly mock the whole concept! What bravado!

Hypnotic Opener/The Joke's Bamboo
SenojmotGod Bullies12" Remix
The Symphonies Of BeethovenMomusLittle Red Songbook LP
GomperRolling StonesTheir Santana Majesties Request LP
Little Johnny JewelTelevisionThe Blow Up!/Roir LP
Naked Eye(Propellerheads Mix)Luscious JacksonRemix Ep
Lyin' GoatLaikaEponymous Ep
Daly's TuneLooney Tom DalyTape Mix

No Me Llores MasMarc Ribot Y Los Cubanos PostizosLatest LP
Three Foot ThickBullitnutsA Different Ballgame LP
I Can't Own HerXtcNew Tape
I'll Build A Stairway To ParadiseGeorges GuetaryThat's Entertainment Box
Peter Sellers Sings GershwinMoney MarkRed Hot And Rhapsody LP
Nice Work If You Can Get ItMajestic 12Red Hot And Rhapsody LP
Homespin RerunHigh Llamas/Cornelius MixLollo Rosso LP
Lift808 StateRemix Ep

Oh WellFleetwood Mac/Live In Boston-1970Tape
Blue Green OlgaJon Spencer Blues ExplosionAcme LP
I Love A Man In UniformGang Of Four100 Flowers Box Set
Bumpkin RiotsFila BrazilliaPower Clown LP
ConundrumDj Faust, Shortee,& CrazyFathomless LP
Love Changes EverythingTelevision PersonalitiesDon't Cry, It's Only...Lp
IntercranialTechno AnimalRadio Heads LP
Atom SpearTruman's Water7" A-Side
Tom Donohue Intro/Darkness, DarknessThe YoungbloodsGolden Age Of Radio LP

All That Scratchin'Rob SwiftThe Ablist 12" Ep
Three WheelerBaby MammouthAnother Day At The Orifice LP
Lay Back In The Sun/Good TimesSpiritualizedPure Phase LP
Viola Lee BluesThe Dead-Live At The Human Be-In, 1967Tape
Pure PhaseSpiritualizedPure Phase LP
The Cab RideSlacker Soundbites Tape
My Organ In Your FaceWagon ChristPersonal LP
Dictionary Of Modern MarriageXtcTape Loop

Keep Underground(Interlude)Dj SoulslingerUpload: A Continuos Mix LP
En Tamben Sou Carcquero Na CicacdaDj SoulslingerUpload:...Lp
Sharkey Y Route 6tee 6The Bill And Laurie Riddle OrchestraTape Mix

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