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July 15, 1999 | Yes. To everything.

Song | Artist | Source (VA = various artists)

Bi Lambani | Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko | New Ancient Strings
R.LQ.S Varie en 3 cascades | Raoul Hausmann | Poemes Phonetiques
Scratch My Nose | Scratch My Nose | Screw
Always Something There To Remind Me | The Captain Howdy | Money Feeds My Music Machine
When You Go To a Show | Popeye | Songs About Health, Safety, Friendship & Manners
Shhh, I'm Watching the Movie | The Shirelles | best of
Memorial Day | Pharmacopia | Pops English
The Big Scroungy | The Tronics | Guitar Mood (VA)

OK Dear, Who? | Hasidic New Wave | Kabalogy
Phoenecia | Phoenecia | Ischemic Folks (VA)
Three Movements | Steve Reich | Works
Nikki | Burt Bacharach | The Look Of Love (VA)
Every Dog Has Its Day In the Rain | Lauren Agnelli & Dave Rave | Heaven and Earth

En Passant 1 | Otto Lechner & Max Nagl | En Passant
A Little Buzz Of Something Electric | Stephen Vitiello | The Light Of Falling Cars
Brain Job | DJ Soulslinger | Don't Believe
In Your Town | Arsonists | 12-inch single
Tales (8 Whisps) | Cecil Taylor | Unit Structures
Etude for player piano | Gyorgy Ligeti | Mechanical Music

Something Cool | June Christy | Jazz Vocal Essentials (VA)
Girl From New York | Billy Nichols | Would You Belive
La Caminadora | Los Zafiros | Bossa Cubana
Velvet Pants | Propellerheads | Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
Whenever You're Around | The Spongetones | Textural Drone Thing
Revenge Of the Black Regent | Add N To X | Revenge Of the Black Regent

Dead End | Galt MacDermott | Hair Pieces
At Spahn's Movie Ranch | John Moran | The Manson Family: An Opera
Action At a Distance | Matmos | The West
Mister Cee's Master Plan | Big Daddy Kane | Long Live the Kane
Hey Mama (Wild Tchoupitoulas) | The Wild Tchoupitoulas | The Wild Tchoupitoulas
Year Of Jubilo | Holy Modal Rounders | Too Much Fun
Water | Brak | Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que
I Wish I Were a Fish | Don Knotts | Warner Bros. box

Rome Was Built For a Day | Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner | Monsters From the Deep
Piya Tose | Najma | Forbidden Kiss
A Beatnick Out West | Dan Blocker | Tales For Young'uns
Ice Water | Jack Sparrow & the Wailers | Wailers and Friends
Let Me Get Close To You | Alex Chilton | High Priest
Not Fade Away | Ned Sublette | Cowboy Rumba

Evening | Rune Lindblad | Death Of the Moon
Let's Cool One | Ellery Eskelin & Han Bennink | Dissonant Characters
Nati Bati Yi | The Spiders | Monster A Go-Go
The Sweaty Hide Of Circumstance | Chris Knox | Yes!!
Valleri | The Monkees | The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees

What Is This? | Sergio Mendez | Beleza Tropical 2 (VA)
Changed Your Mind | Freedy Johnston | Blue Days Black Nights

Hey, it's a small thing, but it exists. And so the answer is yes. You know, like as in positive. When you want the prize tomato, it's only really the reflection of your heart. Like a blade of grass is, on a big wide hill. Hey, tell Nixon that, and watch him take a shit on the pot, and say: My God, I'm a part of mankind. For you. And whatever kind of life you've got planted in the field of planets. You know? And how the only answer is: Yes, to everything.
(from | John Moran | The Manson Family: An Opera)
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