Charlie Lewis

Playlist for Sept 30,1998

Wednesday mornings, 9 am to noon.
Grate. Chop. Mix. Puree.


New, good: The Freak Scene (Collectibles label), Brian Dewan (not out yet), "Coffee Table Music"

Granda And Munder The Torture Tapes (Cassette)
Charles Mingus Song With Orange (Alternate) Complete 1959 Columbia Recordings
Donovan The Trip Sunshine Superman
Replikants Patty's Trip This Is Our Message
John Zorn Risentito Aporias

The Tremolons Theme For A "D J" 7"
Marisa Christine "Ultra Chicks Vol 1"
Eugene Chadbourne The Swat Insect Attracter
Dock Boggs Prodigal Son His Folkway Years, 1963-68
Robbie Fulks Caroline Let's Kill Saturday Night
Caetano Veloso Nao Identificado Caetano Veloso (1969)

The Freak Scene The Subway Ride Thru Inner Space The Freak Scene/The Devil's Anvil
Lauren Newton/Joelle Leandre Cyanide Blue Charm 18 Colors
John Zorn Con Mistero Aporias
Stereo Total C'est La Mort Stereo Total
Gloria Jones Tainted Love "Soul Shots Vol 8"
Godzuki Autohaze "Losing Money & Losing Friends" (March Label)

Deke Dickerson & The Ecco-Fonics Jumpin' Bean Number One Hit Record
The Mystery Trend Mambo For Marion 7"
Snowpony Bad Sister The Slow-Motion World Of Snowpony
Scritti Politti Small Talk Cupid & Psyche '85
Mark Wheaton Theatre Carnivale Theme Song Plays America's Favorite Award-Winning Tunes
Mario Lanza The Thrill Is Gone When Day Is Done
The Heart Beats Crying Inside "The Heart Beats & Other Texas Girls Of The 60s"
Archers Of Loaf Smokers In Love White Trash Heroes

Buzzcocks Why Can't I Touch It Singles Going Steady
Sukuma Songa Sukuma's Shuffle "Guitar Paradise Of East Africa"
Coyle And Sharpe Animated Cadavers (Wfmu-Produced Tape)
Picture Box Glass Shards "Coffee Table Music" (Cup Of Tea Label)
Brian Dewan Cadavers The Operating Theater
Nurse With Wound Optical Illusion Pad Sessions For Rock And Roll Station
Tom Waits Tango Till They're Sore Rain Dogs

New Cool Collective Q Baiano More! Soul Jazz Latin Flavors Nineties Vibes
Blonde Redhead Missile In An Expression Of The Inexpressible
Only A Mother Mysterioso The Romantic Warped
Harry Reser The Old Town Pump Banjo Crackerjax
Cleo Les Fauves "Ultra Chicks Vol 1"
Juliana Hatfield Bad Day Bed

Archer Prewitt You Walk By In The Sun
Papas Fritas Say Goodbye Helioself
Lussier/Tanguay La Vie Qui Bat La Vie Qui Bat Chevreuil
The Can Openers Cool Song Sherbet
Ralph Carney A Few Selections From Ralph Sounds

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