Charlie Lewis

Playlist for June 3, 1998

Wednesday mornings, 9 am to noon.
A cavalcade of anachronisms and contemporary whatnot (freeform pop and found-sound slop).

Another Creepy, Musty, Melted Day.

(Performer Title Source)
Mieskuoro Huutajat The Starspangled Banner H.Y.V.A.
Edwin Torres Meopei Holy Kid
Peter Blegvad Bared Bard Downtime
Ill Ease I Must Have Perfect Timing Live At The Gate
R. Stevie Moore I Could Be Your Lover (C) Contact Risk
R. Stevie Moore Under The Light Contact Risk
R. Stevie Moore I Could Be Your Lover (A) Contact Risk
Jim Copp & Ed Brown Kate Higgins Agnes Mouthwash & Friends
Sister Mary Cecilia Clap Your Hands Music Education Series
Add N To X Planet Munich On The Wires Of Our Nerves

Charming Hostess Dali Tzerni Eat
Bratko Bibic & The Madleys Jane Bratko Bibic & The Madleys
Professional Beach Melodians Shake It "Money No Be Sand"
Brian Jonestown Massacre Good Morning Girl "Pure Spun Sugar"
The Mamas And The Papas I Saw Her Again (Compilation)
Liz Phair Mesmerizing Exile In Guyville
Money Mark Hand In Your Head Push The Button

Electric Light Orchestra 10538 Overture (First Album)
The Klezmorim A Little Glass Of Wine Streets Of Gold
Red Aunts I'm Bored With You Ghetto Blaster
Echo Park Ex Novo The Revolution Of Everyday Life
Ill Ease Birmingham Live At The Gate
Volume All-Star J. Grey Close Encounters Of The Bump And Grind

Big Boy Pete A Dog Called Doug Homage To Catatonia
Mieskuoro Huutajat Kolme On Miehella Pahoa H.Y.V.A.
Lauren Newton & Joelle Leandre Gold Head Ginger 18 Colors
The Whyte Boots Nightmare "Girls In The Garage"
First Choice Smarty Pants 7"
Chaino Bongo Serenade Africana And Beyond

John Davis Over Nothing 7" (Split With Sandra Bell)
Hedningarna Gorrlaus (The Steed) Tra
Optiganally Yours Compressor/Expander Spotlight On...
Pierre Bastien Contributions To "Haikus Urbains" (Urban Haikus)
John Moran Squeaky In A Boat The Manson Family: An Opera
John Davis River Boat 7"
Queen Latifah The Wrath Of My Madness All Hail The Queen
Machine For Making Sense ...Only... Dissect The Body

X-Ray Spex The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Demo) "United Kingdom Of Punk, 2"
Broadcast Accidentals Work And Non-Work
Neneh Cherry Somedays Homebrew
Jenny Mae Dairy Boy 7"
Land Of The Loops Mathematical Park Bundle Of Joy
Jim Copp & Ed Brown The Itch Agnes Mouthwash & Friends
Sarah Vaughn It Never Entered My Mind "Great American Songwriters: Rodgers & Hart"
Ill Ease The Suckers & The Players Live At The Gate

Chika Chika Tighty Whitey Chika Chika
Thomas Chauke & Shinyori Sisters Xumaxilovile "Heartbeat Of Soweto"
Lou Harrison First Gamelan Suite For Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra
The Dramatics The Happy Guitar $50,000
Low-Fi Generator Tribute To Caterina Valente Stereo
Los Loud Jets Fanny Mae "Classicos Del Rock & Roll Mexicanos"
Peter Blegvad Crumb De La Crumb Downtime
New And Great:
Ill Ease (Line Of The Week: "I Must Say, For Such A Puss-Head You Sure Get A Lot Of Play," From "The Suckers And The Players")
New To WFMU And Amazing:
Jim Copp & Ed Brown, "Alice Mouthwash & Friends" (Wonderfully Warped Album Of Songs For Strange Children Of All Ages, Provided By Kenny G)
Also Good:
Charming Hostess, Money Mark, Hedningarna, John Davis
Person Whose Recorded Acquaintance I Am Happy To Be Making In Recent Months:
Peter Blegvad
Ongoing Respect To:
Pierre Bastien, Big Boy Pete, R. Stevie Moore, Optiganally Yours, Queen Latifah, X-Ray Spex, Land Of The Loops.

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