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Playlist for April 22, 1998

Charlie Lewis, Reminding You To Examine The Conspiracies In Your Own Head Before Getting Freaked Out About The Ones Outside.
Wednesday Mornings, 9 Am To Noon.

Sleep On The Rug Til Doomsday.

Artiste Title Source
Trevor Wishart Beach Singularity Trevor Wishart & Friends
Dj Wally Sentimental Stamina "Sub Rosa: Underworld Three"
(Wackie's Label) Good Thing Dub "African Roots Act 3: Strictly Dubwise"
Lester Take The Local Lithuanian Luau
Hedningarna Chicago Kaksi!
Three Finger Cowboy Honey Honestly "Lemonlime Vol 2" (Spinart Records)

Natacha Atlas Kidda Halim
Negativland Why Is This Commercial? Dispepsi
Lenny Bruce Religions, Inc. The Sick Humor Of Lenny Bruce
Jon Hassell/Brian Eno Charm Possible Musics
Clark Equipment Commercial Hooray For Human Engineering "Product Music"
Solex One Louder Solex Solex Vs. The Hitmeister

Vehicle Flips Honeywell Round Thermostat "Object Lessons: Songs About Products" (Beer Frame Magazine CD)
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early Hoopin' And Hollerin' Takes One To Know One
Francis Bebey (Track 5) Akwaaba
The Poetics Cool Off Critical Inquiry In Green
Big Boy Pete (Pete Miller) A Dog Called Doug Homage To Catatonia

Beth Orton Best Bit Best Bit Ep
Them It's All Over Now, Baby Blue The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison
Beck Jack-Ass Odelay
"Deconstructing Beck" Jack-Ass Deconstruction "Deconstructing Beck"
Trevor Wishart Vocalise Trevor Wishart & Friends
Gal Costa Namorinho Do Portao Gal Costa (1969)
Thurston, Kim & Epic Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence "Outlaw Blues"(Dylan Tribute)
Everly Brothers Problems Best Of CD

Midfield General Devil In Sports Casual "Monster Breaks" (Ffrr Label)
"Norman" Rubber Stamp "Phone Crazy" (Phone Pranks)
Tommy Roe Dizzy "Bubblegum Classics, Vol 2"
Jimmy Haskell (W. Joe Walsh, Etc) Excerpts From California '99
Bobbie Gentry I Saw An Angel Die Ode To Billy Joe
Steely Dan My Old School Countdown To Ecstasy
Westclox Madison Avenue Tango "Product Music"

Sonic Youth Swimsuit Issue Dirty
Le Mans Jersey Ingles Le Mans
Carter Burwell Blood Simple "Blood Simple" Soundtrack
Pugs Shizku Is Color Of Tears Pugs Bite The Red Knee
Angie Peppermint Lump 7"

Big Boy Pete Fifteen Hundred Thousand Volts Homage To Catatonia
Roads To Space Travel Remember Your Lines Roads To Space Travel

End Of Transmission

Song Of The Week:
Big Boy Pete - A Dog Called Doug

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