Brian Turner's Playlists for Dec 14, 1999
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Philip Cohran & Artistic Heritage EnsembleUnityVarious: Ouelele*
ST-37Whistling In HellI Love To Talk, If There's Anything To Talk About*

Ex-GirlSpaceman MelonKero! Kero! Kero!
Tape BeatlesThe Man of TomorrowGood Times*
Idea Fire CompanyTheater of PlantsAnti-Natural*
Amon TobinPick Up the Pieces of SaturnVarious: Ponga-Remixes*
Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Violent Onsen GeishaBorn on the CatwalkVarious: Rearcar-Rear Projection Volume 1*

BoredomsTrack 7Vision Creation Newsun*
Chicago Transit AuthorityFreeform GuitarCTA I

Alfred A. AlfaYour Cheatin' HeartVarious: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive*
FrogsI've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)It's Only Right and Natural
Tuxedo Brass BandNearer My God To TheeVarious: Dead and Gone 1*
Lotte LenyaSeptember SongWeill: American Theater Songs
Stock, Hausen & WalkmanBroccoliVentilating Deer*

Special MomentsEricEric: The Falklands Follies*

Country Joe McDonald & Bevis FrondNot So Sweet Martha LorraineEat Flowers & Kiss Babies*
Estrella 20-20Marvelous!AfroMexicana*
The 3DsMama MiaVarious: Abbasolutely
French PaddleboatThe Market's PriceConversions in Metric*

Dirty PoodleGet Out or Come InDirty Poodle
Ken Vandermark's Sound In Action TrioThe ThingDesign In Time*
Rik RueI Got RhythmSound Escapes
M FrogWe Are CrazyM Frog
Bolliger and GloorSonderschulerSummloch

La GloriaSix BricksJeremiad*
Wharton Tiers EnsembleRakshakTwilight On the Computer Age*
MechukuchaEpisode Deja VuOne Million Safe Hours*
Judas IscariotThe Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the SkyDistant In Solitary Light*

Sid & Marty KroftThe Lost SaucerVarious: Sid & Marty Kroft*
Choclair & DJ Melo-DFlagrantVarious: Beat Junkies Volume 3*
Erik MInsolitudeZygosis*

Walter Fahndrich4Raume Spaze Espaces Spaces*
Madeline KahnI'm TiredBest of Mel Brooks
Jeannie ReynoldsMamaRemembers

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