Brian Turner's Playlists for Sept 7, 1999
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
The CaretakerHaunting MeSelected Memories From the Haunted Ballroom
DuckyMother How Are You TodayVarious:Auraloffalwaffle- pintsofbitterandabagof- porkscratchings
Like a TimRroocckkYeah Right
UrinalsI'm a BugNegative Capability
Live HumanWe Walk On All FoursVarious:Across Uneven Terrain
Marc DucretLet Bruit CourtUn Certain Malaise
Dirty Dozen Brass BandRun JoeBuck Jump
Nautical Almanac?Nautical Almanac
Ken Ardley PlayboysPopstarsWe've Got Ken
Richard MaxfieldBacchanaleOak of the Golden Dreams
Angst Hase Pfeffer NaseTeal Ted Stares at the Last Deer StateVarious: Bananafish 13 CD
Tommie BradleyAdam and EveVarious: African-American Fiddlers 1926-49
Ass Baboons of VenusNaked Lady WrestlerNaked Lady Wrestler Vs.
ESGDanceCome Away With ESG
EchoboyScene 3010"
Beavis & Butthead with CherI Got You BabeSdtk: Beavis and Butthead
Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass BandKako Kolan Da Se VijemVarious:Balkans Without Borders
Le OrmeMilano 1968Ad Gloriam
Idle RaceEnd of the RoadLight at the End of the Road
Los ShakersBuscando DificultadesShakers For You
Watson and the SherlocksStanding on the CornerVarious:All Night Soul Stomp
MC5BorderlineKick Out the Jams
Musica Transonic1Swing Strong Mod
Breakbeat EraAnti-EverythingUltra-Obscene
Cluster and EnoDie BungeCluster and Eno
Early W-Ralf WehoswkyRutilischuurIn Search of CR
WobbyWish ListVarious: This Is Ovenguard 2
Hugo de GrootZenemen Me Eindelijkk Mee Ha-HaaaVarious: Napoleon Complex
Army of GhostsCan There Ever Be Enough Bleeding Out With the MorphineThe Horror
Wayang GolekSilih AsihVarious:Music of Ramyana
Fred BongustoMay Be One, May Be Nine-
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282Selections from Fistful of DollarsPorcelain Entertainment
Rube WaddellGo To SatanHobo Train
NJ Division of Fish, Game, & WildlifeMating Time for NJ Bears-
DragsSix and Change45 x 3
Simply SaucerHere Come the CyborgsCyborgs Revisited
Godzik PinkLittle SquirtGodzik Pink
Baden-Baden Free Jazz OrchestraGittin' To Know Y'all Pt 1Gittin' To Know Y'all

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