Brian Turner's Playlists for Aug 24, 1999
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Ponga*Ponga AmorePonga
Gramme*Like UPre-Release
Sheila Chandra & the Ganges Orchestra*Drones Are USheila Chandra & the Ganges Orchestra
Dorothy CarterTree of LifeWailee Wailee
El Stew*Arab MafiaEl Stew
Black Lodge SingersFlintstonesKids' Pow Wow Songs
Electric EelsTidal WaveTheir Organic Majesty's Request
StackwaddySeveral Yards (Foxtrot)Bugger Off!
Morris Pejoe & Arthur 'Big Boy' SpiresBaby You Know What's WrongWrapped Up In My Baby
MassacreDown To Five a DayMy Funny Valentine
Godzik Pink*First Aid CookiesGodzik Pink
SuperchargerKnock OutGoes Way Out
Thin LizzyThe RockerBest of Thin Lizzy
High Rise*SadameLive (reissue)
OO-SoulTabooSolid Sounds of the 8-Piece Brotherhood
Fonn*Title That Can ChangeFiend 831
MagooA to Z and Back AgainSoateramic Sounds of Magoo
Piano Magic*Not FairLow Birth Weight
Ake Hodell220 Volt Buddha (excerpt)220 Volt Buddha
Iancu Dumitrescu-Ana Maria Avram*AscentEd.Mn 1014
Tor Lundvall-Tony WakefordSickness On the WindAutumn Cals
Milton NascimentoRosa do VentreMilton Nascimento
Ghost*Live With MeSnuffbox Immenance
Allures*King LoveVarious-Melron Records
Wreckless EricTell Me I'm the Only OneLe Beat Group Electrique
Centimeters*The Facts of DestinyThe Facts of Destiny
Hvratski*Cirrus MinorOiseaux 96-98
V-VM*There's A Guy Down the Chipshop Swears He's MerzbowVarious-Auraloffallwafflepintsofbitterandabagofporkscratchings
Lubomyr MelnykKMH (excerpt)Piano Music in Continuous Mode
Kamkars*Spring BlossomKari Sepi
Stereolab with Brigitte Fontaine*CalimeroCD single
David BowieHeroesHeroes
Teriyakis*DefenstracaoPsychics to Sidekicks
Knoxville Girls*Soda Pop GirlSoda Pop Girl
Long John Hunter*El Paso RockOoh Wee Pretty Baby
Electric PrunesWah-Wah PedalVarious-Pebbles
Erkin KorayKizlarida Alin AskereErkin Koray
Robbie BashoGrail and the LotusGrail and the Lotus
Bonnie Prince BillieMadeleine MayI See a Darkness
Eugene Chadbourne & the Insect & Western Party*NymphialidaeBeauty and the Bloodsucker

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