Brian Turner's Playlists for Apr 2, 1998
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Rohan KriwaczekWe Love You DaveResonance Cd
PoeticsCool OffCritical Inquiry In Green (*)
SandMay RainUltrasonic Seraphim
TipographicaRhythm Mountains & TankerDrive To Heaven
Yusef LateefBishop SchoolDetroit (*)
I Cinque MonelliBalbettandoVarious-60s Beat Italiano (*)
Danielson FamilyPotty MouthTri-Danielson!!! (A) (*)
Holy Modal RoundersMobile LineMoray Eels Eat
OliverTok TicStanding Stone
PavementAngel Carver Blues-Mellow Jazz DocentPerfect Sound Forever
All Natural Lemon & Lime FlavorWhen Things Come FallingTurning Into Small (*)
FoundationsBaby, Now That I've Found YouBubblegum Classics (*)
Geneoese LongshoremenLa PartenzaLomax Sampler-Italian Collection (*)
Pingitore FamilyO Giglo E Beri ConstratatoLomax Sampler-Italian Collection (*)
Eugenio PilaStornelloLomax Sampler-Italian Collection (*)
Dominico LanzaCanto Di CarrettiereLomax Sampler-Italian Collection (*)
Aristide PasqualeBallo Del TamburoLomax Sampler-Italian Collection (*)
CorneliusClashFantasma (*)
Destroy All MonstersBoots1974-76
FaustSad SkinheadIv
Deux FillesThe LetterDeux Filles
Shirley CollinsClaudy BanksNo Roses
Dino ValenteTimeDino Valente (Reissue) (*)
Lee Ranaldo & Epic SoundtracksIsolationAmarillo Ramp (*)
MatmosStupid FambalooQuasi-Objects (*)
OrchidsI Will Call YouMajor Forces (Mowax Uk Box) (*)
Szeki KurvaBeermonsters Are GoSounds Of Dead Goats (*)
Emile VacherSporting JavaVarious-Cafe A Paris (*)
Justice YeldhamTin LidsVarious-Rebirth Of The Fool (*)
The GuardsHullabalooVarious 60s German Beat-Hullabaloo (*)
LoveSigned DcLove Story Box
Catherine Ribeiro & AlpesRoc AlpinPaix
MomusLolitapop DollhousePing Pong (*)
Serge GainsbourgColeur CafeColeur Cafe
GoblinSusperia (Title)Goblin Collection I
Evan ParkerRegenerative Landscape (For Amm)Electroacoustic Ensemble (*)
Weird Little BoyTotally PoobiedWeird Little Boy (*)_
Richard ThomasGurl TriviaShoes And Radios Attract Paint (*)
Slim PickensDarlin' Commit MeSlim Pickens
Ned Sublette & The SouthwesternersLittle Joe The WranglerNed Sublette
Nick Cave And The Bad SeedsThe Singer12"
Last Days Of MayhemBuddha Traffic SoundsLast Days Of Mayhem (*)
Iva BittovaDedecekIva Bittova (*)
Peter ThomasExcerptsSoundtrack-Rampatrouille (*)

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