Brian Turner's Playlists for Nov 6, 1997
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
CrudeCertificate Of DistinctionInner City Guitar Perspectives
Ultra-Vivid SceneShe ScreamedUltra Viivid Scene
DqeBreedersBut Me, I Fell Down
James Taylor QuartetSpiral StaircaseMoney Spyder
FunkadelicI Got A Thing, You Got A Thing1st
Freak SceneMind BenderPsychedelic Psoul

Anthony MooreA Thousand ShipsOut
Scud Mountain BoysKnievel7"
Virginia DareScratch10"
Principal Edwards Magic TheaterAutumn Lady DancingDandelion Comp
Cosmic JokersIntergalactic NightclubPlaneten Sit-In
SuicideI Remember (Live)Zero Hour Live 77 (*)

Richard YoungsPart 1Advent (*)
Harry PartchThe Crane-The WaterfallCollection Cri (*)
Vince TaylorRock & Roll Session7"
OogieLa De Dah7"
Odetta Matthews5 Long Years For One ManArhoolie Prison Songs Comp (*)
Shelley HirschComic StripSerge Gainsbourg Tribute (*)
Nancy Sinatra & Dean MartinThings7"

El PowerNeedle In The Camel's EyeWhen The Red King Comes (*)
DymaxionCognitive Dissonance Penetentiary7"
Public EnemyCa't Do Nuttin' For Ya12"
Hot ButterPopcorn7"
Pissed OfficersHints From Heloise10" (*)
State Of AlertI Hate The KidsFlex Your Head
GrimhemDie Mysteries De PopeyeLegion Of The Scroll 2 (*)
Gerty Farish5% Nation10" (*)
Discombobulated VentriloquistCacomille's ThemeVarious Sonic Chimp V1
49 AmericansDoubt49 Americans
PoeticsUrgent77-83 (*)

Space ExplosionSpace ExplosionSpace Explosion (*)
Pere UbuNon-Alignment PactModern Dance
Derek Bailey & RuinsOdanhdohSaisoro
Kuzatori UmezoGet Away With MurderNew (*)
Billy BangPetaCommandment (*)
Oakland Elementary SchoolkidsExcerpt From Around DBig Music Little Musicians

Gto'sRodneyPermanent Damage
Demolition DollrodsI Wanna Od7"
RatsRats Revenge 2Back From The Grave
The CliqueSuperman7"
MotorheadWe Are The Road CrewAce Of Spades
Lab RatsVenusCleveland Confidential

High RollersBye Bye Stiv Bators7"
Dead MoonDiamonds In The RoughLive In Ljubljana (*)
Thin LizzyGonna Creep Up On YaThe Rocker
Alternative TvAction Time & VisionLp
Bonzo Dog BandHumanoid BoogieUrban Spaceman
John MuirMoon MenMsr Vol 4
Jennie Mae With Dugan The Wfmu DogRunaway7"

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