Brian Turner's Playlists for Oct 2 1997
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
L@NL-11L@N (*)
Ash Ra TempelLight:Look At Your SunSchwingungen
Julian CopeSpace Rock With MeInterpreter (*)

ScientistsWe Had LoveAbsolute
Stiffs IncRichardElectric Chair Theater Presents (*)
The NormalT.V.O.D.Warm Leatherette Single
Heavy Handed Mixed With Eleanor RooseveltDo Yourself Some GoodMutant Beatz (*)
Maurice ChevalierValentine--
PramDead PianoGash (*) Reissue
The HonkiesDance In Mad ShoesWho Eats?
Teen TitansTeen Titans Sk7"
Budget GirlsPop A Wheelie Cop A Feelie7"
Thee HeadcoateesMy Boyfriend's Learning KarateHave Love Will Travel

Jas Mathus & Knockdown SocietyKeep Your Hands OffPlays Songs For Rosetta (*)
Captain BeefheartHot HeadDoc At The Radar Station
Davey WilliamsSun Ra ShuffleCharmed I'm Sure (*)
Soixante Etages60 DegreesDe Sa Bouche (*)
Ulrich KriegerDidjeridoos And Don'tsWalls Of Sound (*)
Hans ReichelLe BalGravikords, Whirlies, And Pyrophones
8 Oder 9Stimmen Aus Dem FegefeurFuhrun Duch Die Ruinen Ihrer Mask

Latin PlayboysMr. WobbleSdtk-End Of Violence (*)
Gal Costa & Caetano VelosoQue PeraBig Music Vol 2 (*)
Apples In StereoShine A LightTone Soul Evolution (*)
Look Blue Go PurpleI Don't Want You AnywayLook Blue Gopurple

Rose TattooTrampAngry Metal
RuinsAkager/Omoide Hatoba/ExcerptsCamp Skin Graft Comp (*)
Q-Burns Abstract MessagePuff The MagicVarious-Sunshine State Of Mind (*)
Steve FiskShort History Of MusicOver And Through The Night
Bo Baral's ExcursionistsGetting Down Into SomethingVarious Instinct-More Original Raw Soul (*)

Sally TimmsOld Flames Can't Hold A Candle To YouCowboy Sally
Merle TravisDark As A DungeonRhino Comp
Cul De Sac-John FaheyNew Red PonyEpiphany Of Glenn Jones (*)
Hall Of FameSun Set SpecialHall Of Fame (*)
D'bronabudzrHan Se Scho MegaVarious Schnabbls 7"
Scott WalkerNext2

Bil DireenAlien7"
AtmanRainbow DrumsPersonal (*)
Sun RaLemuriaAtlantis
Lovely MidgetCooking ChickenNew 10" (*)
Orchestra GoldbergKletftko VlachinkoArhoolie Klezmer Comp 1908-27 (*)
L'ensemble RayeDebout Caviste!En Frac (*)
Lotte LenyaCasars TodLotte Lenya Album

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