Subject: brian t., playlist 6/4 Thanks, Henry! Matmos/And Silver Light Popped in His Eyes/Matmos (*) Gyatees/excerpt/Gyatees I (*) Hugo Montenegro/Moog Power/Moog Power Ashtabula/Sink Away/River of Many Dead Fish (*) The Fall/I'm Going to Spain/Infotainment Scan Astabula/Unbearable Lightness/River of Many Dead Fish (*) Zumpano/The Party Rages On/Look What the Rookie Did Miaow/When It All Comes Down/12" T Model Ford/Turkey & the Rabbit/Pee Wee Get Your Gun (*) Flipper/Ha Ha Ha/Sex Bomb Baby Faxed Head/Gore and Guts/Exhumed at Birth (*) Gabor Szabo/Space/The Sorcerer (reissue)(*) Dead C/Bitcher/The White House Ash Castles on the Gold Coast/Untitled/VA-ALMS (*) Cecil Taylor-Gunter Summer/PUUC Pt 3/In East Berlin 1988 Bingo Gazingo/Cain & Able/7" (*) My Bloody Valentine/We Have All the Time in the World/VA=Peace Together Coldcut/Atomic Moog 2000/VA-Earthrise Ninja.2 Ferrante & Teicher/Love/Blast off(reissue) (*) Optiganally Yours/Mr. Wilson/Spotlight On (*) The Zambonis/Los My Teeth/Play Off (*) Sloan/The Good in Everyone/Once Chord to Another (*) Big Star/Nighttime/Sister Lovers Felt/Get Out of My Mirror/Me and a Monkey on the Moon OP8/Lost in Space/Slush (*) Velvet Underground/There She Goes Again/1st The Amps/Pacer/Pacer Nite Hawks/Chicken Grabber/Stdk-Pink Famingos (*) Trio/Ja Ja Ja/EP 20 Miles/Come Right In/20 Miles (*) Jean Shepard-Speedy West/Twice the Lovin' in Half the Time/VA-Hillbilly Music Thank God! Vol 1 Pleasure Seekers/What a Way to Die/What a Way to Die The Mummies/Stronger than Dirt/ 7" Loved Ones/Surprise Surprise/VA Pebbles The Chimps/Fifth Class Mail/VA-A Heavy Dose of Lite Psych (*)(Arf Arf) Half Japanese/Firecracker/Sing No Evil JC Hopkins/Superglue/Athens By Night (*) Spectrum/Owsley/Songs for Owsley Elizabeth White/Piping Imitation/VA-Celtic Mouth Music (*) David Dunn/Nexus 1/Music Language and Environment (*) Harry Bertoia/Here an Now/Unfolding Nagaraja Rao/Bhiravi Pailavi/VA-Vintage Indian Classical... Pandit Pran Nath/Raga Durbari/Ragas for Morning and Night