Brian Turner's Playlists for March 26, 1997
ArtistSongAlbum (*) New Cut
StyrenesOne Fanzine Reader Writes12"(*)
BlurSong 2Blur(*)_
Henry GibsonKeep A Goin'Nashville Sdtk
Phil OchsBwatueKenyan 7"

SpitbabyCherry Muffin TimeVa-Hey Mom! The Garage Is On My Foot
New Bomb TurksI Wanna Sleep7"
Fred TravelinaPledge Of AllegiancePatriotic Pledge Pack
8 Oder 9Staggen Aus Der FigefeuerFuhren...
Yo La TengoAutumn SweaterI Can Hear The Heart Beating As One(*)
Dennis WilsonThoughts Of YouPacific Ocean Blue

Fille Qui MousseTrack 5Fille Qui Mousse
Unknown Ethiopian MusiciansFila Flute DanceGold From Wax 2
HanatarashLive ExcerptLive Feb 21 1988 (Ice Cube Remix)
Herschel Gordon LewisDirecting ScreamsBlood Feast Sdtk
African Head ChargeLanguage & MentalityGreat Vintage V.2
Easy ReaderEasy Reader ThemeElectric Company
James BrownGet On The Good Foot 1 & 2Get On The Good Foot

Morton SubotnickTouch Pt 1 (Excerpt)Touch
JordyIt's Tough To Be A BabyCassingle
The FallI'm Not SatisfiedCerebral Caustic
Carol Connors & The CyclesYum Yum YamahaBorn Bad
Johnny WhittakerFriends7"

Bettie ServeertGeekDustbunnies(*)
ParisBlack BookParis
FaustFlashback CarusoFaust Tapes
100 FlowersI Don't Own My Heart100 Years Of Pulchritude
Slant 6Poison Arrows Shot At HeroesSoda Pop Ripoff
Shop AssistantsWhat A Way To DieWill Anything Happen?
Thee HeadcoateesPark It Up Your Arse7" B-Side
The CleanOddity (Live)Compilation
Dog Faced HermansHuman SparkThose Deep Buds
MonksI Hate YouBlack Monk Time Reish (*)

Khamous & BougaiSaadoudiSecret Museum Of Mankind-N.Africa
Mario SchifanoIntervalloLe Stelle Di Mario Schifano
Modern ArtMind TrainAll Aboard
CatalogueKhomeini TwistPenetration
The MolesBury Me HappyUntune The Sky
The ToysI Got A ManA Lovers' Concerto-Attack
Sally TimmsTennessee WaltzCowboy Sally(*)
Tom WilsonHe Likes MeAll-American Boy
Rocco DerussoTony Has A DateScherzo Comedy

Electric EelsCold MeatHaving A Philosophical Discussion
FeeliesSedan DeliveryNo One Knows
MummiesStronger Than Dirt7"
19 (Juke)TerevisionSoundtracks(*)
Lard FreeD'elleLard Free
Oskar SalaLargoMy Fascinating Instrument
Dirty ThreeBetter Go HomeDirty Three

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