Brian Turner's Playlist for December 26, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

Escape Mechanism "Elves" (Various: The Droplift Project)(BR> Muslimgauze "Apollon Each Tear (of Fatima)" (Abu-Dis)*
Marble Sheep & the Run Down Sun's Children "Melted Moon" (Whirl Live)

Betty Davis "They Say I'm Different" (They Say I'm Different)
Micranots "Pitch Black Ark" (Obelisk Movements)*
Echoboy "Telstar Recovery" (Volume 2)*
Astrid Oto "Goodbye Elston Avenue" (7")
The Dogs "John Rock & Roll Sinclair" (Fed Up)*
The Whites "Keep on the Sunny Side" (Sdtk: O Brother, Where Art Thou?)*

Mieskuoro Huutejat "Joulun Kellot" (10th Anniversary Concert)*
Bug Guts "Swirly For Yanni" (Great Spangled Fruitillary)
Velvet Underground "What Goes On" (Live 1969)
Lightning Bolt "Untitled" (Various: Live From the Devil's Triangle 3)*
Ornette Coleman "Science Fiction" (Science Fiction)
Clang Quartet "Two Or More Gathered In His Name" (Jihad)*

90 Degrees South "On the Ice Floe" (A Distant Memory of Home)*
Bunnybrains "GG's Dead (and I Don't Feel So Good Myself)" (Goring St. Eddy)
Soulpreacher "Blues For a Blackened Soul" (Sonic Witchcraft)

DJ Snax & TJ Free "The Fifty States" (Fast Cars, Fast Women)*
The Move "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" (BBC Sessions)
Doug Gillard "Malamute Jute" (Malamute Jute)
Clinic "The Second Line" (Internal Wrangler)
Big Youth "Reggae Phenomenon" (Natty Universal Dread)*

Ure Thrall & the Fruitless Hand "Divine Rod" (Forbidden Fruit)
Kraftwerk "Elektrisches Roulette" (Ralf & Florian)
American Head "Vlam/Sputnik" (Mother Earth Has Really Big Tits)*
Kristin Oppenheim "Hey Joe" (Various: Because Tomorrow Comes 3)*
Anne Briggs "The Snow It Melts the Soonest" (Collection)
Fresh Maggots "Everyone's Gone To War" (Fresh Maggots)
Hugh LeCaine "Music For Expo 1967" (Compositions/Demonstrations 1946-74)*
Bernard Gerard "Le Crocodile Porte-Cle" (Various: Shake Sauvage)*

New Pornographers "Fake Headlines" (Mass Romantic)*
Clock Strikes Thirteen "When We Were Together" (Ever Decreasing Circles)
Ephraim Nzeka "Zombie" (Various: Bilongo)*
Meg Lee Chin "Heavy Scene" (Junkies & Snakes)*
Keuhkot "Reiteet Ristissa" (Minun Kay Saaliksi Bilharzialoisa)*
Ron Anderson "Downtown Is That Way" (Anything Is Possible)*

Dead Hollywood Stars "Mojo" (Gone West)*
Knifehandchop "Rhythm Potential" (7")*
Hrvatski "Kochen Raum" (7")*

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