Brian Turner's Playlist for December 3, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

BILLY GREEN "Ecoblue/Toadstrip" (Soundtrack: Stone)
FLIPPER "That's the Way of the World" (Generic Flipper)
A.N.P. "Zetta Reyd" (Various: Dead Tech)

THE FALL "Cyber Insekt" (The Unutterable)*
GARY GLITTER "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" (GH)
PINK & BROWN "I'm Tired, He's Dead" (Various: Science of Glass Gargantua)*
DUPLORMOTE "Track 3" (Split 12" with Com.A)*
OTOMO YOSHIHIDE/VOICE CRACK "Track 5" (Bits, Bots & Signs)*

KEITH ROWE "Extremely" (Harsh)*
PERMUTATIVE DISTORSION "Bruck en Kopf Inse Nieman Land" (Various: Asperanda A Gogo)
TIM ROSE "Long Time Man" (Tim Rose)
GROUNDHOGS "Groundhog Blues" (Boogie With Us)*
SONICS RENDEZVOUS BAND "City Slang" (City Slang)

BAB "ABAB" (Various: Shock City Shockers)*
MOTION SICKNESS MAJORETTE SHOW "12 & 13" (What Goes Around Comes Around)*
MARC TREMBLAY "Residus (Clip Dadaiste)" (Bruit-Graffiti)
L?K?O "Slow Breathin" (Various: Turntable Solos)
KEUKOT "Etelanlomalla" (Minun Kay Saaliksi Bilharzialoista)*
ZLATNE USTE BALKAN BRASS BAND "Kako Kolan de Se Visem" (Various: Balkans Without Borders)

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE "Heroin Heroine's Heritage" (Troubadours From Another Heavenly World)*
LOS DUG DUGS "Make It Now" (Los Dug Dugs)
DIETER "Cry of Fame" (Various: Killed by Death)
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN "The Subject" (12")
DAVID BOWIE "Boys Keep Swinging" (Lodger)

DEAD C "One Night" (Language Recordings 1 & 2)*
CEX "What's Outside Your Window? More Windows" (Role Playa)
MELANGE "Cloud World" (Various: Vorgon Massive)*
HAWKWIND "Brainstorm" (Space Ritual)
CLARK-HUTCHINSON "Free To Be Stoned" (Retribution)

LE MEPHISTO "Where the Wolf Bane Blooms" (Le Mephisto)

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