Brian Turner's Playlist for November 21, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

FIRE "Jedan Divan Dan" (Could You Understand Me)
SKYWAVE "Walking On Stars" (Live WFMU)
PAPERCUTS "Hey Cass" (Rejoicing Songs)*

BELLRAYS "Too Many Houses In Here" (Grand Fury)*
BUBBLE PUPPY "Hot Smoke & Sassafrass" (Gathering Promise)
SURGEONS "Breaking Rocks on Rikers Island" (V/A Messthethics)
BOUND & GAGGED "Clutter" (EP)
THE FALL "Cyber Insekt" (The Unutterable)*
MIETOHERNE "Kitarokotel" (V/A: Pilottilsit)*

ANN PEEBLES "Slipped, Tripped & Fell In Love" (GH)
GIFT OF GAB "Rhyme Like a Nut" (Solesides Greates Bumps)*
DJ ?? (AKA EYE) " :) " (V/A The Art of War/Who Dares Wins)*
AKSAK MABOUL "Bosses de Crosses" (Un Peu de L'aime Des Bandits)

LADDIO BOLOCKO "The Going Gong" (As If In Real Time)*
FROWN "Wallghost" (Wallghost)*
GOV. DICK THORNBURGH "Three Mile Island Advisory) (V/A: Great Moments of the 20th Century)*
DEREK, JULIA "Excerpts" (Sounds and Silence in the 2nd Grade)*
RICHARD NIXON "Address" (V/A: Great Moments of the 20th Century)*
GERALD FORD "Inaugural Speech" (V/A: Great Moments of the 20th Century)*
MONSTER UNDER BED "Haunted Flakes" (Squeeze Bullies Project)*

THE LIVING JARBOE "Scarification" (Disburden Disciples)*
ODETTA "Another Man Done Gone" (V/A: Original Seeds)
SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY "Walking Home on the Emergency Bed" (Sto Cazzo!)
EMBARRASSMENT "Celebrity Art Party" (Heyday)

MONKS "Shut Up" (Let's Start a Beat)*
MICRANOTS "Illegal Busyness" (12")*
MEXICO PONCHO PUERTO RICO "Eziki" (V/A: Mi Caballito Chulo)
SOUND "Diaphorous Trails of Narcotic Vapors" (Drunk On Confusion)

AMBER ASYLUM "Black Swan" (The Supernatural Parlour Collection)*
MOHAMED HASSAN "Tsengelea Mbapui" (Duniya)*
RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON "Walking on a Wire" (Shoot Out the Lights)
TIM ANDREAE "Movement By a Stream" (Down To the Bathing Pool)*

ENNIO MORRICONE "Sequita" (Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura)*
APOSTELS "Joyous Whole in the Fabric of Our Time" (V/A: A--D---/A-A/D--A--T--)*
MR. VELCRO FASTENER "Cowym" (Lucky Bastards Living Up North)*
FRANCISCO LOPEZ "Untitled #104" (Untitled #104)*

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