Brian Turner's Playlist for November 7, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR "Levez Vous Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven" (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven)*
YBO2 "Amerika" (Alienation)
GARY GLITTER "Hello Hello! I'm Back Again" (The Leader)

GEM "Many Fanged Breezes" (Gem)*
THE 1985 "Treasure of the Nervous Nothing" (Fall Semester Abroad)*
3D'S "Evil King" (Fish Tales)
TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM "Shaka Version" (Dub Plates 2)*
LEILA "Clown" (Leila)*

OUTKAST "Gasoline Dreams" (Stankonia)*
YOUNGBLOOD BRASS BAND "The Trilogy" (Unlearn)*
MR. VELCRO FASTENER "This Is It" (Lucky Bastards Living Up North)*

AMERICAN HEAD "Olga Petrova" (Maudlin Cock Rock)*
CRYPTOPSY "Voice of Unreason" (And Then You'll Beg)*
ENTROPY "Smash Egotist" (7")*
YDMYKELSE "People Who Wave At Trains" (V/A:AD/AA/DAT)*
RAYMOND SCOTT "Ripples (Montage)" (Manhattan Research Inc.)
GURNEET BAWA "Jugani" (Love and Life in the Punjab)
PJ HARVEY "Good Fortune" (Stories From the City Stories From the Sea)*

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE "Right About Rain 1" (Pataphysical Freakout Mu)
JARBOE "Kiss of Life/Scorpion" (Disburden Disciple)*
FRESH MAGGOTS "Everyone's Gone To War" (Fresh Maggots)

ELEVATOR "Driftwood" (A Taste of Complete Perspective)*
THE BODHIES "Consciousness" (Send Me To Space)
SUBWAY SECT "Parallel Lines" (20 Odd Years)
JOHNNIE DEMON & THE DEVILS "Shut Your Mouth" (V/A:Bloodstains Around the World)
MERCYFUL FATE "Devil Eyes" (Shadow Nights)
MODULO 1000 "Nao Fale Com Paredes" (Nao Fale Come Parades)
TARANTULA HAWK "Track 1" (Tarantula Hawk)*

BAD WIZARD Get High Stay Low" (Bad Wizard)*
CICCONE YOUTH "Addicted To Love" (The Whitey Album)
BAD WIZARD "Endless Lady" (Bad Wizard)*
OPERATION RE-INFORMATION "L.U.N.C.H." (Universal Standard 84000)

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