Brian Turner's Playlist for October 24, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

RAPOON "All Criminals" (Easterly 6 or 7)
MODULO 1000 "Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput" (Nao Fale Com Paredes)
ANTON MAIDEN "Number of the Beast" (Anton Maiden)

MONTELLI SKRONKLE "Taxikuski" (Collection)*
RL BURNSIDE "Miss Maybelle" (Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down)*
GODZIK PINK "Several Dogs" (Es Em, Ekel Em)*
CHANDRA "Opposite" (Transportation)
PATCHCHORDS "Mood Interlude" (Slammy Windshield)*

MONSTER UNDER BED "Lava" (Squeeze Bullies Project)*
THE CONGOS "Open Up the Gate" (Heart of the Congos)
LIQUIDRONE "Untitled" (Various: Tekito Split Vol. 1)
SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON "Langsam" (Six Little Pieces For Quintet)*

TROGGS "66-5-4321" (Best of)
JUMPIN' BEANS & WILLIE "Bus Driver" (7")*
SPOON "Jealousy" (Love Ways)*
THE SCHOLARS "This Heart of Stone" (Hello Dolly)*
ORSO "Third" (Long Time By)*

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN "Til You Say You'll Be Mine" (Various: Girls' Scene)
SOCKEYE "Chant" (Barf on a Globe)*
AKE HODELL "Mr. Smith in Rhodesia" (Verbal Brainwash & Other Works)*
SAMBECO "Maua (Wadaha)" (Various: Sambe-Comores)*

DECKWRECKA "Catchwrecka" (DJ Kicks: Nightmares On Wax)*
SAD ROCKETS "Heavy Meta" (Transition)*
NILE "Defiling the Gates of Ishtar" (Black Seeds of Vengeance)*
BURZUM "Gebrechlichkeit" (Filosofem)
IDIOT FLESH "Let the Dog Sing" (Various: Vaccination Rawk Party)*
YOKO ONO "Death of Samantha" (Approximat Infinite Universe)

BIRDIE "Spiral Staircase" (7")
SCISSORETTES "A.N.T.S." (Running With)*
SKYWAVE "Walking on Stars" (Live on WFMU 6/00, Scott's show)*
BLUE'S MEN "reflection of a Sun Freakout" (Prohibido Prohibir)
THE PLAGUE "Go Away" (Various: I'm a No-Count)
GANIM'S ASIA MINORS "Daddy Lolo" (Various: Exploiting Plastic Inevitable)
LES MALEDICTUS SOUND "Entrac Theme" (Les Maledictus Sound)
DJ ME DJ YOU "9 Volt" (Rainbows & Robots)

THE LOWDOWN "Big Man" (Revolver II)*
ELEVATOR "The Animals" (Taste of Complete Perspective)*
COMUS "The Bite" (First Utterance)
BRIAN CROOK "Echo on Still Water" (Bathysphere)*
BILL HORIST "Claire, the Loon" (Songs For the Nerve World)*

EXTENDED ORGAN "Frankenstein" (XOXO)*
DENMAN MARONEY & HANS TAMMEN "Stretch" (Billabong)*

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