Brian Turner's Playlist for October 10, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

GAI/JIN "Jiro's Tune-Up" (7")*
FIREBIRDS "No Tomorrows"
SONIC YOUTH "Is It My Body" (7" Tribute to Alice Cooper)
GABIM'S ASIA MINORS "Daddy Lolo" (V/A: Exploding Plastic Inevitables)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND "When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy" (I'm Going To Do What I Wanna Do)*

CAUSTIC WINDOW "Astroblaster" (Compilation)
MICRANOTS "Illegal Busyness" (12")*
P.D. "Geschwindigkeit" (Inweglos)
MARC TREMBLAY "Residus/Clip Dadaiste" (Bruit-Graffiti)
W.S. MERWIN "The River Bees" (In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry)
V/VM "Take My Beef Away" (Sick Love)*
DAVE HAMILTON "Groove Away" (V/A: Super Funk)*

SPECIES BEING "4" (Orgone Therapy)*
WALTER/LONBERG-HOLM/O'ROURKE "Endless Corridor of Roasted Babies" (Tribute to Masayuki Takayanagi)*
LOVE "My Little Red Book" (Love Story)
BRUNO NICOLAI "Lucky Theme" (Sdtk: Agent Speciale K:Operazione re Mida)*

APE HAS KILLED APE "Infrared Horizon Sensor" (Mattricide)*
PAPERCUTS "Gravity" (Rejoicing Songs)*
ALPHANE MOON "Saltsea/In the Vector of Celestial Influences" (V/A: Seratonin Ronin 2)*
COKE "The Black Dahlia" (Coke)

HACO "Mosquito 5" (Happiness Proof)*
MAJOR FORCES WEST "Theremin Beat" (V/A: Major Forces 93-97)*
HANATARASH "Here Come the Hanatara Crew" (4: Aids-a-Delic)
MELTED MEN "Slimeultaneous" (7")*
SUN RA "Crystal Spears" (Great Lost Sun Ra Albums)*
LACO TAYFA "Bazalika" (Liftetelli)*

BPA "Dead Boy" (7")
MARS "Cairo (78+)
O.S.T. "6" (Globale a Mills College 4.12.99)*
BRIAN RURYK "Guitar Idiot: More Worthless Opinions" (Guitar Exhibits, Mistakes Etc.)*
ROBERT MASON'S STARDRIVE "Journey" (Stardrive)
ACID JAM 2 "Deep Space Divers" (Acid Jam 2)*

FOREIGN LEGION "Nowhere To Hide" (Kidnapper Van)*
SCOTT WALKER "The Plague" (Boy Child)
CLINIC "Return of Evil Bill" (Internal Wrangler)
XEX "Fashion Hurts" (Xex)

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