Brian Turner's Playlist for September 26, 2000
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(*) denotes new cut

JIMI HENDRIX "Gloria" (Box Sampler)*
DESPERATE BICYCLES "Holiday" (Another Commercial Venture)
ENTERTAINMENT "Shake/Pretty Lips Are Red" (7")*
SWEET "No You Don't" (Desolation Blvd.)

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE "Speed Guru" (Live In Occident)*
LULA CORTES & ZE RAMALHO "Raga Dos Raios" (Paebiro)*
TIM ROSE "Long Time Man" (Various: Original Seeds)
JON JANG "The Flowers on a Stem" (Self-Portrait)

NOBODY "For Those Who Never Dream" (Soulmates)*
PROJEKT "Projekt Superman" (Various: New Music from Central & Eastern Europe)*
SOCKEYE "Satan Medley" (Barf on a Globe)*
NULL "7" (GeV)*
HARVEY SID FISHER "Olympians" (Other Songs)

WHITE STRIPES "Hello Operator" (DeStijl)*
FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER "In Fifty Words or Less" (Many Faces of Mental Illness)*
MUZ "Spit Valve" (Banana In Portuguese)
OMOIDE HATOBA "Route 99999" (Surfer Joe)
MR. LIF "Front On This" (12")*

MARK STEWART "Dream Kitchen" (Control Data)
KING TUBBY "There's Dub" (Various: X-Ray)
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR "Moya Sings Baby-O/Edgy Swingset Acid" (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven)*
PRIAPISTOL "Hittin' the Hard Stuff" (III)*
COSMIC VOICES OF BULGARIA "Baren se Ergen Nahodih" (Mechmetio)*
DANA GILLESPIE "You Just Gotta Know My Mind" (Various: Girls Scene)
PO! "Tina" (Ducks & Drakes)

SKYWAVE "Ceremony (live)" (Live on Scott's show, WFMU)*
AVEY TARE & PANDA BEAR "Someday I'll Grow to be as Tall as the Giant" (Spirit They're Gone Spirit They're Vanished)*
THE THIRD WAVE "Cantaloupe" (Here & Now)
BOYD RICE "People" (The Way I Feel)*
BERT JANSCH "Lucky 13" (It Don't Bother Me)

TOM ZE "Curso Intensive de Boas Manieros" (Tom Ze)*
AMON TOBIN "Saboteur" (4 Ton Mantis)*
MELTED MEN "I Drink Blood" (7")*
FUCKING CHAMPS "What's a Little Reign?" (IV)*
ION SPORTS "Metroscope" (Various: Audio Odditions 2)*
MARZETTE WATTS "Geno" (Marzette Watts)

JPT SCARE BAND "Sleeping Sickness" (Sleeping Sickness)*

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