Brian Turner's Playlist for September 19, 2000
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(*) new cut

JOHN FOGARAZZO "Stereo Tests" (He Ain't No Trogg, But He's Our John Fog)
PEOPLE LIKE US "T424PLU Part One" (Lassie House/Jumble Mission)*
DER KUNFTIGE MUSIKANT "Ich Ben en Weit Weg Fur Dich" (7")
MAD MIKE & THE MANIACS "The Hunch" (Radio Cramps)
QUINTRON "Push Pull or Drag" (Unmasked Organ Light Year of Infinity Man)*

HIGH RISE "Ikon" (Live)
FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER "Stagnant" (The Many Faces of Mental Illness)*
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS "Alternative Ulster" (7")
HEART'S PURSUIT "You Are So Precious To Me" (V/A Killed by Absurdity)*
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS "Surprise Surprise" (V/A Elephant Table)

THE BODHIES "Consciousness" (Send Me to Space)*
KAOSMIK KITTY "Kaosmik Afterbirth" (V/A Audio Odditions 2)*
MARC TREMBLAY "Conte Sous la Lune" (Bruit-Grafitti)*

PLUXUS "Ar Jag Tunnharig" (Pluxus Vs. Fridge Vs. Pluxus)*
PHAROAH MONCHE "Mayor" (12")
MELTED MEN "Fidgeting Forklift" (7")*
JOSEF K "Sorry For Laughing" (Endless Soul)
ANGELBLOOD "Adverts" (Angelblood)*
LYN COLLINS "Mama Feelgood" (V/A JB's Funky People)

THRONES "Anguish of Bears" (Thrones)*
THE TRENIERS "You're Killin' Me" (Cool It Baby)
THE BELLRAYS "Shotgun" (Live on WFMU 6/00)
FUNGUS BRAINS "Real World" (Ron Pistos Real World)
SENSATIONAL "Style Indiglo" (Heavyweighter)*
MUSLIMGAUZE "2" (Remixes)
RADIOACTIVE "Launch Padlock Smith" (V/A Ropeladder 12)*

EZURATE "4" (Infernal Dominatio)*
ASPHYX "Incarcerated Chimaeras" (Asphyx)
INCESTUOUS "Flesh Enslaved" (Brass Knuckle Abortion)*
TOM & DAD "Mexican Food Samba" (V/A Killed by Absurdity)*
OSCAR NORIEGA'S PLAY PARTY "Kashikoi Hito" (Luciano's Dream)*
RICK WILSON "Stiperstones" (Suitable Language)

KAMINUMADA YOJI "Escape To Your World" (Katana)*
ARTHUR RUSSELL "Lucky Cloud" (Another Thought)
APE HAS KILLED APE "Electronically Poisoning Pete" (Matricide)*
CLINIC "Internal Wrangler" (Internal Wrangler)
CHRIS KNOX "I Wanna Look Like Darcy Clay" (Beat)*

LE SPUNK "Spoken Dodo" (Spunkium)*
ERASE ERRATA "Short Stint Harvesting" (7")*
CHICKS ON SPEED "Mind Your Own Business" (The Un-Releases)
BUTZMANN & SANJA "Valeska" (V/A Asperando A-Go-Go)
YASUAKI SHIMIZU "Boutique Joy" (Music For Commercials)
RACHELS & MATMOS "Full On Night" (Full On Night)
MINMAE "All Notes Ghostnotes" (Lucy in the Sky with DNA Helixes)*

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