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Brian Turner's Playlist for Aug 22, 2000
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ArtistSongAlbumLabel   (*) = New Cut
Mikey Wild I Was Punk Before You Were Punk I Was Punk... (Bulb)
Trash Glider To Sam Mihikawa (IMD)
Trans Am Polizei (Zu Spat ) Red Line (Thrill Jockey)*
Erase Errata A Passion For Acting 7" (Incovenient)*

Major Stars It's a Blessing, Brother, I Cannot Lie Space-Time (Twisted Village)*
Ken Boothe Thinking A Man and His Hits (Heartbeat)
Noonday Underground When You Leave 7" (Sonic Syrup)*
Gary Glitter I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am!) The Leader (Epic)
Burzum Erblicket Die Tocher Des Firmaments Filosofem (Misanthropy)
Dischordance Axis Oratorio in Grey I Will Live Forever Alone (Hydra Head)*

Deerhoof Flower Holdypants (Kill Rock Stars)
Tau Moe's Hawaiian JAzzites You Like, Noa Like Various: Slidin' on the Frets (Yazoo)*
Giant Sand She & Pedal Steel Live Jan 14, 2000 WFMU Stork Club -
Kjetil D. Brandsdal Waves Rogalands Lydigste (Metal Art Disco)
Maurizio Bianchi 23:31 Regel (Ees't)

Shalabi Effect Boardwalk at Apollo Beach Shalabi Effect (Alien 8)*
Ann Peebles Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in Love GH (Hi)
Sound Providers Yes Y'all 12" (ABB)
Devo Strange Pursuit (demo) Recombo DNA (Rhino)*
Vomit Launch Block of Wood Not Even Pretty + (Teenbeat)
Dislocation Dance You'll Never Know Music Music Music (Vinyl Japan)*
Durutti Column Paradise Passage Road Dry (Materiali Sonori)

Nils Okland Svev-Til Eileif Straum (Rune Gramofon)*
Hans Frisch Track #4 Levende Objekten Sjoo (Unknown)*
Los Dug Dugs Let's Make It Now Los Dug Dugs (BMG Mexico)
Saints L.I.E.S. Eternally Yours (Captain Oi)*
The Bangs Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge (Kill Rock Stars)
Crispus Attucks Falling in Shame Destroy the Teacher (Soda Jerk)*
Hatewave Hate Crime Spree Hatewave (Tumult)*

Cex Wall Street Kid Role Model (Tigerbeat6)*
Metabolismus Inweltkreise Ungrounded (Moonflower)
Client/Server Chrome Dome Client/Server (Three Lonely Kaiju)*
To Live and Shave in LA 2 Vermis Mysteriis Kill Misty:Threnody 300 (TLASILA2)*

Ec8or Gimme Nyquil All Night Long 7" (DHR)*
Le Car 8.5 Auto-Biography (Ersatz Audio)*
Melted Men Snake Milk The Sheets are Soaked (Champagne Audio)
Monkey Power Trio Someday We'll Be on the Moon Chasing Monsters with Our Love (Pocohantas Swamp Machine)*
Grifters Cinnamon Crappin' You Negative (Shangri-La)

Divine Styler Satan Dynasty Killa I Wordpower 2-Directrix (MoWax)*
A.K. Klosowski & Pyrolator Osterreich Home Taping Is Killing Music (Atatak)
Chicks On Speed ? The Un-Releases (Chicks on Speed)
Theoretical Girls You Branca Songs 77-79 (Atavistic)
Jon Gibson 30's Visitations I + II + 30's (New Tone)

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