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Brian Turner's Playlists for AUg 8, 2000
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ArtistSongAlbumLabel   (*) = New Cut

Uriah Heep Gypsy Uriah Heep (Mercury)
Red Transistor We're Not Crazy 7" (Ecstatic Peace)
Sightings Or What I Just Realized Too Many Songs End in "S" (No Label)*

Chris Knox I Wanna Look Like Darcy Clay Beat (Thirsty Ear)*
Real Kids All Kindsa Girls Better Be Good (Norton)
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath MRA Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath (Repertoire)
Cinematic Orchestra Bluebirds Motion (Ninja Tune)
Jet Black Crayon The Tree Low Freaquency Speaker Test (Function8)*

Morning 40 Federation Stinky You My Brother (Tekito)*
Bunnybrains Mr. Tommy Bunnybrains (Matador)
Rev. Fred Lane Fun in the Fundus From the One That Cut You (ShimmyDisc)
Stooges 1970 (Take 1) Funhouse Box (Rhino)
Sonny Guitar Bettie Lou Various: Blowing Through Yokohama (Atomic Passion)

Mimir Untitled Mimir (Streamline)
Shalabi Effect On the Bowery Shalabi Effect (Alien 8)*
Catherine Ribiero & Alpes Ame Debout Ame Debout (Phillips)
Alastair Galbraith From the Empire Cry (Emperor Jones)*
Helen Mirra 3 Field Recordings (Explain)*

Tom Cora Ce Grand Neant It's a Brand New Day (Knitting Factory)*
Six Finger Satellite Laughing Larry Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird (Sub Pop)
The Stains John Wayne Was a Nazi Various: Bloodstains Across Texas (Bloodstains)
Shaft Evil Eye Various: In the Cole Mind - Tribute to Fred Cole (Last Chance)*
Soft Boys Rock & Roll Toilet Invisible Hits (Rykodisc)

Oh Polo Deep Throat Various: Just Another Taste (Electric Watusi Boogaloo) *
Vani Jairam Thanimayil Various: Doob Doob A Rama 2 (Normal)*
Peaches Rock Show The Teaches of Peaches (Kitty-Yo)*
Dreamies Program 10 The Dreamies (Gear Fab)

Auch Sleeping Dogs Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Force Inc.)*
Boombip & Doseone 21 to 35 Boombip & Doeseone (Mush)*
Kropotkins Sissy Wa Wa Five Points Crawl (Mulatta)*
Mudhoney Pump It Up March To Fuzz (Sub Pop)
Jeans Team Keine Melodien Ding Dong (Kitty-Yo)*
Art of Kissing Normal

Sun City Girls Phuket Below The Dreamy Draw (Abduction)*
Eyvind Kang Sweetness of Candy Story of Iceland (Tzadik)*
Breschand-Doneda-Zbinden Octagone L'intense (For 4 Ears)*
Mazinga Phaser Dream of Lost River Abandonallhope (Idol)

Piero Umiliani Vierio - Funiculi Funicula Musica Elettronica (easy Tempo)*

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