Brian Turner's Playlists for July 18, 2000
ArtistSongAlbumLabel   (*) = New Cut
Evolution Control Committee Music Really Sells Live WFMU Stork Club (5/4/2000)
Abwarts Mehr Amok (Zick Zack)
Beautiful Skin Work Will Set You Free 7" (GSL)
Clinic Cutting Grass Distortions 7" (Domino)*

Brown Whornet Working Song Brown Whornet (Curra's Grill)*
Kid Koala Taboo Doda Scratchappyland (Ninja Tune)*
Kid Koala Almost Easy Listening Scratchappyland (Ninja Tune) *
Them Trucks Barker Here Come Them Trucks! (Them Trucks)
Them Baby Please Don't Go Anthology (Deram)
Rudy Ray Moore I'll Be Home To See You Tomorrow Hully Gully Fever (Norton)*

Deicide Halls of Warship Insineratehymn (Roadrunner)*
Hatewave Violencium Hatewave (Up Jumped the Devil)
Mikey Wild I Hate New York I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk (Bulb)
Charm City Suicides Mongoose Green Blood (Charm City Suicides)*
Dow Jones & the Industrials Ladies with Appliances Various - Red Snerts -
BPA Leroi Neimann Various: Auto Glamour Sound (Hospital)
Barrow-Petersen-Wivinius Serpent Healer Barrow-Petersen-Wivinius (Asymmetry-Stick It to the Man)*
Ralph Lundsten Suite for an Electronic Accordian Elektronic Musick (Andromeda)*

Steven Kilroy When Planets Align Various: Killing Capitalism with Kindness (Turbulence)
Radiogram Slide Unbetween (Transsiberian)*
OP8 Sand Slush (Thirsty Ear)
Roland Alfonso From Russia With Love Something Special (Heartbeat)*
The Professor Heroin Subway Spatula Scrapings (The Professor)*
The Professor Rulers of Darkness Spatula Scrapings (The Professor)*

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Zoned No Old Guy Lo-Fi Cry (Rockathon)
ACDC Problem Child Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Atlantic)
The Cords Ghost Power Various: Buzz Buzz Buzz V.2 (Arf Arf)*
ST37 California Frogmen The Invisible College (Overandout)
Kaleidoscope I Am Crazy Kaleidoscope (La Ciruela Electrica)

Harvey Milk One of Us Cannot Be Wrong Courtesy and Good Will Towards Men (Tumult)*
Lorette Velvette Eager Boy 7" (Singles Going Steady)
Morning 40 Federation Gotta Nickel (Tekito)*
Clark Hutchinson Free to be Stoned Retribution (Deram)
Sun Dial Magic Potion Return Journey (Gallium Arsenside)

Chicago Underground Duo Tram Transfer Nine Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)*
People Like Us I'm 89 Thermos Explorer (Hot Air)*
Art of Kissing Normal Various: Fucky Don't (Fucky/Flittchen)*
Meg Lee Chin Heavy Scene Piece and Love (Invisible)
Horst Jankowski Speech Craft Various: Between or Beyond the Black Forest (Crippled Dick/MPS)

Cattle Press Unchartered Hordes to Abolish the Divine (Hydra Head)*
Lightning Bolt Behemoth Conan 7" (Load)*

A whole bunch of Booty songs sped up to 45 RPM:
Big Boy Big Boy Off Da Chain Various: Booty Summer Party (Li'l Joe)
Half Pint Big Booty Girls Various: Booty Summer Party (Li'l Joe)
KJ Get Retarded Various: Booty Summer Party (Li'l Joe)

Dummy Run Parisien Ice Cream Headache (Hot Air)
Pagans Nowhere To Run Everybody Hates You (Crypt)
Overhang Party Winter Lover Other Side of (Pataphysique)*
Calvin Don't Jump Seeds and Wings (Crystal Clear Mississippi)*

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