Brian Turner's Playlists for May 30, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Maurizio Bianchi White Colori
Amir Baghiri Last Heat Various: Between Sun and Moon*
Flying Lizards Summertime Blues Flying Lizards

Huon Eno Trip Hung Up Overnight*
Nice All For You Nice
Angel In Heavy Syrup Adios In These Days IV
Hawkwind British Tribal Music Castle Masters

The Black Dog Tahr Spanner
V/VM Vienna Calling Falco*r
Langston Hughes Story of the Blues Voice of Langston Hughes
Quasimoto Microphone Mathematics 7"*
Clinic Internal Wrangler Internal Wrangler*
Devo Uncontrollable Urge Pioneers Who Got Scalped*
Lou Ann Barton Don't Slander Me Various: Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye

Ornette Coleman The LawYears Comple Science Fiction Sessions*
John Mwale Wandugu Mnisaidie Various: Before Benga 2
Heavenly Gospel Singers Mean Old World Various: Harry Smith Vol 4*
Swans New Mind Children of God
Gravitar U.R.R. You Must First Learn to Draw the Real

Our Glassie Azoth Chthonic Meditation Our Glassie Azoth
Commode Minstrels in Bullface Excerpt Fantastic Picnic*
Congress Woman Malinda Jackson Parker Cousin Mosquito 2 Tubman Goodtype Songs of Liberia
A La Carte Brass & Percussion Raymond Winchester Live on U*

Deviants Somewhere To Go This Vinyl Is Condemned*
Deviants Mona This Vinyl Is Condemned*
Deviants Attack Ships of Zeta Reticuli This Vinyl Is Condemned*
Deviants I Wanna Drink This Vinyl Is Condemned*

Scorched Earth Policy I'm Not Like Everybody Else Keep Away From the Wires*
Wee Turtles Why the Bombers This Land is Your Land*
Liquor Giants Bastachury Park Liquor Giants
Television Personalities Look Back in Anger And Don't the Kids Just Love It
Skywave Baby It's Just You Echodrone*

Connie Acher I'm Really Sorry Love Sick Lip Service*
Tan Dun Against Time of Desire Bitter Love
Matmos-Sutekh & Twerk Toy Piano Various: Deadpan Escapement Reconstructed*
Brian Eno St. Elmo's Fire Another Green World
Electric Light Orchestra Look at Me Now No Answer
Bonnie Prince Billie Eagle & the Hawk Various: Take Me Home*

Shyam Brass Band Choli ke Peechhe Various: Interplanetary Gold*
Muslimgauze Baghdad Baghdad*
Sony Mao Nature of Operational Research Various: Maschinelle Stratageme*
Emil Richards Opa Stones

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