Brian Turner's Playlists for May 23, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
DJ Food The Ageing Young Rebel Kaleidoscope*
Sam Rivers Rivbea All-Stars Neptune Culmination*
Bob Hund C:a 11 Min... CD5
Catharsis Masq Various 30 Years of Musical Insurrection in France
Steven Wray Lobdell Astride the Waning Moon Automatic Writing By the Moon*

Jacobites God Save Us God Save Us Poor Sinners
Allen Ginsberg & the Clash Capitol Air Holy Soul Jelly Roll
Daniel Johnston Live & Let Die Why Me*
Flippertigibbet Little Roving Sailor Various: History of UK Underground Folk Vol. 1
Saddar Bazaar Niche of Light Split LP with Windy & Carl*

Masstishaddhu Angels Gather Here... Shekinah*
Kraan Die Maschine -
The Clean Point That Thing Somewhere Else (live) Wellington Radio 2.99

Sweep the Leg Johnny The Fine Wrinkles, We Have All of Them Sto Cazzo!*
Computer Cougar Too Much Cassette*
This Heat SPQR Deceit
Mixmaster Mike Counter Attack Now Eye of the Cyklops*
Los Samplers La Vida es Llena de Cabales Descargas*
Marumari Meltdown of Earth The Wolves Hollow*

Salome Planet of the Apes A.M.*
Cobra Verde Conflict Nightlife
Status Quo Is There a Better Way Status Quo
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts. Half-Step No Old Guy Lo-Fi Cry*

Manhattan Brothers Malayisha Very best of*
Lafayette Afro Rock Band Red Match Box Various: Afrojazzfunk
Zeljko Kerleta On Fire Space Runner
Sam Ulano Excerpt The Art of Show Drumming
Disc Excerpt Transfer*
Makagami Koichi & Anton Bruhin Mojim Electric Eel
Human Instinct Stoned Guitar Stoned Guitar

Robert Belfour My Baby's Gone What's Wrong With You*
Matt Ward Duet for Guitars 2 Duet for Guitars 2*
Look Blue Go Purple In Your Favor Look Blue Go Purple
Skywave Sixteen Echodrone*
Clinic C.Q. Internal Wrangler*
The Horrors Looking for Action The Horrors*
The Maids Back to Bataan Vrious: Killed by Death
La Peste Don't Wanna Die In MY Sleep Tonight La Peste
Glaxo Babies Slim Nine Months To the Disco

Mort Garson Ride of Aida Various: Electronic Toys 2
Antibalas Dirt & Blood Liberation Afrobeat*

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