Brian Turner's Playlists for May 9, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Moondog Single Foot New Sound of an Old Instrument*
Archie Shepp Attica Blues Attica Blues
Victims of Chance Tuesday's Victim Victims of Chance

Clinic Internal Wrangler Internal Wrangler*
The Fall Hey! Luciani Backdrop
Little Audrey Sea Puss & Bammie Various: Feel Like Jumping: Studio One Women*
Mixmaster Mike Human Torch Eye of the Cyklops*
Primal Scream MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill Em) Xterminator*

Ascension 12" 7"
P16.D4 Strauchelnde Saulen Tionchor
Lutz Kirchhof Chorea 1 Lute Music For Witches & Alchemists*
The Fulani Asaru Na War e Maa The Fulani*
Neil Young Good to See You Silver and Gold*
Aloha Saint Lorraine That's Your Fire*

Clock Strikes Thirteen Remember to Forget (to Remember) Ever Decreasing Circles*
The Who Dancing In the Streets BBC Sessions
Wire Another the Letter Chairs Missing

Mr. Len What The F*** 12"*
Old Time Relijun Adaga La Sirena de Pecira*
William Breuker Kollektief & Loes Luca Distant Thunder Hunger*

Gas 2 Pop*
Antony & the Johnsons Cripple & the Starfish CD5 with Current 93*
Sonic Youth Renegade Princess NYC Ghosts & Flowers*
Eulenspygel Son My 2

Ken Field Corteo Pictures of Motion*
Half Japanese You're Gonna Miss Me Our Solar System
Maximum Joy Temple Bomb Twist Station MXJY
Tony Allen Road Safety No Discrimination

Immortal Wrath From Above Damned in Black*
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Automatic Rumble
Afrosheens Read Between These Songs Persian Expressway*
Badfinger Baby Blue Day After Day
Adam Green Dance With Me Adam Green*

Clinic Return of Evil Bill Internal Wrangler*
Baris Manco Derule Various: Love peace & Poetry 3 - Asian Psych
Muslimgauze An Abyssinian Who Could Kiss Fire Baghdad*
Lora Chiroarah-Dye & Sukutai Nyoka Mukutai Various: Sarafini In Transit*
AK Klosowski & Pyrolator China First On Mars Home Taping Is Killing Music*

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