Brian Turner's Playlists for May 2
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Special Moments Eric: The Falklands Follies Eric: the Falklands Follies
Stoke Intro -
Ya Take Da Bus -
Good Olde Stoke Newington (Doesn't Seem the Same) -
Funeral Procession -
Me and Eric (We Need a Bigger Game) -
Listen Up Stoke (to the Paperboy) -
They Want the Islands! -
Please Argentina -
We're Going Off To War Today -
Scrubby Nate -
Three Days -
War Is a Bitch -
Where's Eric? (Oh My God, He's Dead) -
Mockingbird Hill -
Stoke Outro -
They Dropped a Bomb (On Me) -

The Wild Thing Weird Hot Nights Various: Alien Psychos & Wild Things*
Gramme Lovely Pre-Release
The Faint Cars Passing in Cold Blood Blank Wave Arcade
The Faint Casual Sex Blank Wave Arcade
Olympia Dukakis Get the Facts About Shingles PSA*
Fire Breathing Turtles Excerpts Victrola Favorites Volume 2
Clairaudience Jahfire Various: This Is Ovenguard 3*
Billy Green Ecoblue - Toadstrip Sdtk: Smoke

Evelyn Glennie First Contact Shadow Behind the Sun*
Big Bill Broonzy Key To the Highway Trouble In Mind*
The Desert Sessions Johnny the Boy Volumes 1 & 2
Le Shok Mind Your Own Business We Are Electrocution*
Die Kreuzen Rumors Die Kruezen
Radiopuhelimet Kirveet 2 1/2
Jurassic 5 Quality Control 12"*

Giant Sand Rock Opera Rock Opera Years*
Palaxy Tracks Im Swimming The Long Wind Down*
Machine Gun TV Tell Me Various: Live from the Devils Triangle 2*
Noxagt Ass Twerp Noxagt*
Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath MRA Chris McGregor 's Brotherhood of Breath

Futique Sugar In the Raw Go.Low
People Under the Stairs Live at Fishbasket II The Cat*
Tzotziles Slow Chant of Authority Changing Hands Psalms Stories & More*
Ground Zero Those Were the Days Plays Standards
Dave Holland Quintet Downtime Prime Direction*
Blasco Ballroom Clock Film*
Marianne Faithfull Wilder Shores of Love Vagabond Ways*

Arkkon Pitchblende Rotunda*
Hawkwind Brainstorm Space Ritual
Spacerocket My Mama Said -

Echoboy Broken Hearts Volume One*
Pest 5000 X-ing Things Interabang
Laughing Clowns Every Dog Has Its Day History of Rock N Roll Vol. 1
Steven Ray Lobdell Astride the Waning Moon Automatic Writing By the Moon*

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