Brian Turner's Playlists for April 18, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
A.K. Klosowski & Pyrolator Dahomey Home Taping Is Killing Music*
Neeve Nanna Only You Were Mine Asian Classics Volume 1
Missing Brazilians Crocodiles' Court Warzone

Pleaseeasaur Paul McCartney's Penis As Seen on TV*
Nico Heroes Do or Die*
Echo & the Bunnymen Angels and Devils 12"
Chyldren Cut Your Lawn Various: She's a Pest*
Bunker Hill The Girl Can't Dance Lookey Dooky

Monk Montgomery Fuselage 1 & 2 Bass Odyssey
Patrick Vian Tunnel 4, Red Noise Bruits et Temps Analogues
Escape Velocity Ringing Signal Escape Velocity
Raymond Scott Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night Manhattan Research Inc.*
Mondii Mighty Crown LP*

Giant Sand Temptation of Egg Chore of Enchantment*
Ede Robin Dead Various: Down & Out
Get Hustle Russian Wedding Earth Odussey*
Coldharborstores All That Matters Now 7"*
Egypt Is the Magick # Astronomers Stone (Sent to Smash Down Rome) How Many Pieces of the Puzzle Can the Mind Go Without?*

Them It's Them Various: Anticon Presents*
Puff Tube Heavy Music 7"
Tormentula Sick Individual Submit Your Unworthy Soul*
Tormentula Pustule-Lined Crevices (of Voluminous Anal Discharge) Submit Your Unworthy Soul*
The Horrors Dot Com Stomp The Horrors*
Skidd Freeman Fell Through the Cracks 7"
Fleetwood Mac Danny's Chant Bare Trees

Spaceheads Untitled Various: Live From the Devils Triangle 2*
Uoredoms (Boredoms) 11 August 99 (Total Eclipse & Grand Cross) Vision Creation Newsun EP*

Hefner Hello Kitten Boxing Hefner*
Jean Pierre Sabar Vai Vai Various: La Guepe 3*
Nurse With Wound & Diana Rogerson Dead Roads Swinging Reflective
Natsuki Tamura White and Blue 7 White and Blue*
Etoile 2000 El Carretero Volume 1

Muslimgauze Iqbal Singh Will Tatoo You Baghdad*
Dylan Group D-A3 Ur-Klang Search*

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