Brian Turner's Playlists for April 4, 2000
ArtistSongAlbum   (*) = New Cut
Le MephistoWhere the Wolf Bane Blooms-
FlipperLifeGeneric Flipper
The MonkeywrenchIn the City TonightElectric Children*
Marble Sheep & the Run Down Sun's ChildrenMelted MoonWhirl Live

Chicks On SpeedMind Your Own BusinessThe Un-Releases*
DJ HecklaGamelon & On & OnVarious: Attention-Cats
MortimerExcerptUnkie Dunkie the Baloney Slicer

The MindexpandersLove SyndromeVarious: Electronic Toys 2*
Janko NilovicMouvements AquatilesRhythmes Contemporains*
Bruce RussellThe War Between Desire & TechnologyMaximalist Mantra Music*

Mr. OizoInside the Kidney machineAnalog Worms Attack*
Von LmoThis Is Pop RockFuture Language*
Fanfare CiocarliaMarianaBaro Biao*
The Third WaveEleanor RigbyHere & Now*
BeatlesTomorrow Never KnowsAnthology 2

Last Days of MayThe WestRadiant Black Mind*
Jimmy White & The RelationsDiamond Coated Banana BushVarious: Psychedelic Illusions*
Thomas Jefferson Slave ApartmentsMy Mysterious DeathBait & Switch
MisfitsHollywood BabylonCollection
Johnny SaylesYou Did Me WrongVarious: All Tore Up*

Dylan GroupLet It SitUr-Klang Search*
Theo Jorgensmann QuartetNr 59Snijbloeman*
Burkina Faso-Lobi CountryBambaFuneral Xylophone*
EG Oblique GraphBlack Cloth Behind DeGaulle's Wax HeadVarious: I Hate the Pop Group*

DJ Z-TripFurther Explorations Into the Black HoleSplit 12" with Space Traveler*
Dee Jay Punk RocI Hate EverybodyChicken Eye
ChromeHalf Machine Lip MovesHalf Machine Lip Moves
Ass Baboons of VenusNaked Lady Wrestler-Wait A MiniteVarious: Live From the Devil's Triangle Vol. 2*
The NeedVaselinaThe Need is Dead*

Ten In the Swear JarSad GirlMy Very Private Map*
V3Negotiate NothingNegotiate Nothing
Meat PuppetsLightMonsters
North Misssissippi All StarsDrop Down MamaShake Hands With Shorty*

AntibalasWorld War IVVarious: Ouelele
ESGDanceCome Away With ESG
Teach me TigerBedroom Dub7"*

DadamahRadio BrainThis Is Not A Dream
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane ConnorsCome Here My Sweetest One1981-84
Pip ProudHolding Hands So Tight It HurtsOncer*
David Thomas & the ForeignersShaky HandsBay City*

MelvinsThe Man With the Laughing Hand Is DeadThe Crybaby*

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