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Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (Show intro theme) CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
NRBQ Do you Feel it? Scraps (new Rounder CD)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Deke Dickerson And The Ecco-Phonics Don't push me to far Rhythm Rhyme and Truth-CD
Flying Burrito Brothers Older Guys Hot Burritos-2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
"Various" Everybody knows this is Nowhere Getting High on Neil Young-CD
Spongetones Home Odd Fellows-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Monkees Early Morning Blues and Greens (instr. track) Headquarters sessions-3 CD set
Seals and Crofts Earth Seals and Crofts (1st album)-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Walkabouts That's how I live Train leaves here at Eight-CD
Mark Olson and the Harmony Ridge Creekdippers Diamond Davey My own Jo Ellen-CD
Eddie Hinton Here I am Hard Luck Guy-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Ronnie Walker My baby doesn't Love me anymore Someday-CD
Baby Dodds Shimmy Beats and Press Roll Demonstration Talking and Drum Solos-10 " from the Brainen Archive
Don Byron The Ladies who Lunch A Fine Line
Willem Breuker Kollektiff Tango Superior/Interruptie The Parrot comp. CD
Dave Clark Five Anyway you want It The History of...2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
Fleetwood Mac Tell me all the things you do Kiln House-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
NRBQ Ain't it alright Scraps (New Rounder Issue)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
The Going Thing The Going Thing (Ford Motors ad) The Oddball Auditorium, Vol. One-2 CD from an FMU Listener)
Jimmy Rushing Wigglin' Blues Shoutin' Swingin' and Makin' Love-comp. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Sun Ra When Angels speak of Love When Angels speak of Love-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Sandy Denny Here in Silence No more Sad Refrains-2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
Steve Martin (Left Banke) Lovesongs in the Night The History of the Left Banke-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Steve Martin (Left Banke) Two by Two Mynd Excursions-U.K. comp. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Judee Sill There's a Rugged Road Heartfood (2nd of two albums)-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Beau Brummels Restless Soul Live!-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Treniers Cool it Baby Cool it Baby-German CD
Fantastic Baggy's Alone on the Beach Anywhere the Girls Are: The Best of...CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Fantastic Baggy's Move out, little Mustang Anywhere the Girls Are: The Best of...CDfrom the Brainen Archive

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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