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Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (show intro theme) CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
Mal Waldron w/Eric Dolphy We Diddit The Quest-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Graham Connah Group More of the same but not so Different Snaps Erupt at Pure Spans-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Karen Mantler Love Birds Pet Project-CD
Tin Hat Trio Waltz for a Skyscraper Memory is an Elephant-CD
Strawbs Pieces of 79 and 15 Strawbs (first album)-U.K. LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Free Design Love you ...Sing for Very Important People-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Wynonie Harris w/ Sun Ra Lightning struck the Poorhouse Nashville Jumps-comp. LPfrom the Brainen Archive (note: This is Sun Ra's recording debut!)
Swan Silvertones Working on a Building Kings of the Gospel Highway-comp.CD
Meters Hey Pocky Way (single) Rejuvenation-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Nina Simone To be Young, Gifted and Black (Live) Songs of the Poets-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
NRBQ Sail On, Sail On NRBQ (1999)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Tan Sleeve Kelly Green White Lie Castle-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Nazz It must be Everywhere 45from the Brainen Archive
Gladhands Pipedream Wow and Flutter-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Linus of Hollywood Say Hello to another Goodbye Your Favorite Record-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Ray Paul w/Emitt Rhodes Some Sing, Some Dance The Charles Beat-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday (backing track) Have you heard the Outtakes...CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive (Thanks to Jim Price)
XTC (Colin Moulding) Didn't hurt a bit I'm the Man who Murdered Love-CD-EPfrom the Brainen Archive
Royal Guardsmen Om Buzz Buzz Buzzz, Volume One-comp. CD
Hal Blaine Wiggly (45 mix) Buzz Buzz Buzzz, Volume Two-comp. CD
Ornette Coleman The Good Life Skies of America-CD
Lyn Blessing Anacalypsus Sunset Painter-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Roswell Rudd Change of Season Broad Strokes-CD
Laura Nyro Art of Love Walk the Dog and Light the Light-CDfrom the Brainen Archive

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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