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Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (show intro theme) CD-Rfrom the Brainen Archive
Davy Graham Leavin' Blues Folk Blues and Beyond-CD
Joe Carroll Oo-shoo-be-doo-bee Man with a Happy Sound-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Charles Mingus New York Know How Alternate Takes-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Babs Gonzales Sugar Ray Robinson Cool Whalin'-U.K. comp. LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Sam Rivers Rivbea All Star Orchestra Whirlwind Inspiration-CD (Thanks to Brian Turner)
Organisers feat. Harold Smart The Organiser Highly Strung, Vol. One-U.K. comp. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Dyke and the Blazers The Wobble Funky Broadway: The Best of...CD
Frank Frost Pocket full of Shells The Best of...CD
Billy Anderson Scotch before Noon The Millenium Collection-2 CD setfrom the Brainen Archive
Gladhands Promise her Anything What the world needs now-Bacharach Tribute comp. CD
Purple Ivy Shadows Secrets White Electric-CD
Incredible Casuals I still believe in Summer Hit the Hay, Vol. Three-Swedish Comp. CD
Breetles Good Kharma Pop under the Surface, Vol. Three-Swedish comp. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Hang Ups Underneath a Tree Second Story-CD
Pretenders Human Viva El Amor!-CD
Tim Buckley Wayfaring Stranger Works in Progress-CD
Carol Lipnik and Spookarama Mint Condition My Life as a Singing Mermaid-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabate Ol' Georgie Buck Kulanjan-CD
Harvey Reid The Great Pyramid Fruit on the vine-CD
Fairport Convention Tokyo Nine-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Flying Burrito Brothers Cody, Cody Burrito Deluxe-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Continental Drifters I want to learn to waltz with you Vermillion-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
NRBQ Fergie's Prayer Stay with We-comp. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Remains I can't get away from you Remains-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Herb Ellis Gravy Waltz Gravy Waltz-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Tan Sleeve Maria Bartaromo Tan Sleeve-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Dave Gregory Starfish Tango CD-R (Thanks to Mitch and Stevie)from the Brainen Archive

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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