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Hank Levine and his Orchestra Image, Part One (show intro. theme) 45from the Brainen Archive
Creams Yesterday Without the Beatles-German comp. CD
Los Macs F.M. y CIA Pepperisms-German comp. CD
Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach In the Darkest Place Painted from Memory-CD
Capricorn College Mab, Mystic Woman Mo'plen 1000-comp. CD
Charles Mingus G G Train (outtake) Mingus Ah Hum-CD
New Cool Collective Q Baiano More! Soul Jazz latin Flavours Nineties Vibes!-Dutch CD
Pentangle Sally Free and Easy Solomon's Seal-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Church No Certainty Attached Halogram of Baal-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Plush Save the People More You Becomes You-CD
Emmy Lou Harris and Spyboy Calling my Children Home Spyboy-(Live) CD
Free Design Don't Turn Away Kites are Fun-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Fifth Estate Love is all a Game Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead-CD from the Brainen Archive
The Kennedys Jessie Angel Fire-CD
Richard X. Heyman If we should ever meet again Cornerstone-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Bruce and Terry "Bruce-backing vocal segment" (hidden bonus track) Best of...CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Bruce and Terry Look Who's Laughing Now Best of...CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Spiders (pre Alice Cooper) Why don't you love me? 4 song EPfrom the Brainen Archive
Love Seven and Seven Is Da Capo-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Harbinger Complex I Think I'm Down Nuggets-4 CD boxed set
Merry-Go-Round Live You're a very Lovely Woman/Live-LPfrom the Brainen Archive
Dovers What am I Gonna do? Nuggets-4 CD boxed set
Edgar Schwartz Billy Milk and Cookies-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Kirsty MacColl All the Tears That I Cried Electric Landlady-CD EPfrom the Brainen Archive
Gripweeds Games The Sound is in You-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Electric Light Orchestra Look at me Now No Answer (first album)-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Suddenly Tammy Supersonic We get there when we do-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
dB's Moving in your Sleep Stands for Decibels-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Buffalo Springfield Everydays Again-CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Captain Beefheart Moody Liz I may be Hungry, but I sure ain't Weird-U.K. CDfrom the Brainen Archive
Stephen Sondheim Anyone can Whistle And Then We Sang-comp. LP

from the Brainen ArchiveThe marked selections are from the Brainen Archive.

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