Here's a few recently played favorites from WFMU's rekkid liberry -

(Compiled by WFMU Music Director Brian Turner)
T. Recchion/Chaotica cover art
TOM RECCHION - Chaotica (Birdman)
Both exotic and experimental collage of sounds recorded in the 1980s - but recently released - by ex-Los Angeles Free Music Society member.
  > - - - CD cover design by Tom Recchion - - - >

SOFT MACHINE - Spaced (Cuneiform)
New archival release of the Wyatt / Ratledge / Hopper line-ups soundtrack for a 1969 multi-media event, and the most "out-there" material the band has ever issued.

ORIGINAL SINS - Bethlehem (Bar None)
Latest from a sadly-underrated Bethlehem, PA. combo incorporating pure pop, garage rave-up, jangle and psych, not to mention the mind of the inimitable JT (whose recent, more far-out solo forays have seemed to have soaked into the band's current identity more than ever).

EILART PILAM - Greatest Hits (Green Pig)
Uh, the Swedish Elvis.

ALEC BATHGATE - Gold Lame (Flying Nun)
First solo recording from 1/2 of New Zealand's Tall Dwarfs continues that band's tradition of kitchen experimentation coupled with unshakable hooks.

STEPHEN P. MCGREEVY - The VLF Recordings (Irdial)
Unusual 2 CD set of McGreevy's recordings of low-frequency atmospheric activity; aurora borealis, lightning, radio waves. etc. swirl into a hypnotic and strangely musical mood-evoking collection of natural sounds.

THE TOWER RECORDINGS - Fraternity of Moonwalkers (Audible Hiss)
Upstate New York collective's second release finding them more folkier than previous; the spirit of Amon Duul coupled with late 60's ESP records is definitely present.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Incursions in Illbient (Asphodel)
The latest document of the new ambient scene currently in high profile in downtown NYC. Hip-hop meets experimental cyberculture with the likes of DJ Spooky, Subdub, Byzar, and WE (featuring DJ Olive).

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - Deutschland Has Gotta Die! 7" (DHR/Grand Royal)
German thrash techno relying a lot more on primal playing over knob-twiddling with one of the most over-the-top female screechers in recent memory; punk rock alive and well in Germany.

THE RENDERERS - Surface of Jupiter (Ajax)
New Zealand country-folk-rock combo fronted by Maryrose Crook make some nice nods towards the feedback-freakout lead guitar stylings of 1982-era Dream Syndicate. Recent guests on WFMU's Stork Club as well.

MISS MURGATROYD - Myoclynoic Melodies (Win Records)
Miss M. is a most unorthodox accordionist, creating an amazing array of sounds from her instrument from tranquil dirges to skewered lullabys. Features appearances from Patrick Barber of Blowhole and the legendary John Fahey.

U.M.O. - Unidentified Musical Object (Home Entertainment)
Trippy beats and psychedelic mindscapes laid out by Berliners Adel Dior and Air Liquide's Jammin' Unit.

CHIRGILCHIN - The Wolf and the Kid (Shanachie)
Another document of amazing diphonic throat singing from the heart of Tuva.

SPECTRUM - Songs for Owsley (Reprise)
Spacemen 3/E.A.R. member Sonic Boom takes another analog bubblebath with an arsenal of guitars, moogs, and keyboards.

THEE HEADCOATS - Knights of the Baskervilles (Birdman)
More garage stomping from the ever-prolific Billy Childish and company.

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