Reviewed by Music/Program Director Brian Turner

JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER Liberation (Road Cone)
JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER The Magick Fire Music (Ecstatic Peace!)
NYC musician Tom Greenwood was a great cog in the local experimental music scene, and has since moved on to other lands yet still remains a focus player in this great band, which seems finally to be getting its critical due. In fact, in a recent issue of the WIRE, the editor's opening comments inexplicably trashed the White Stripes (who I guess are big on the NME crowd scene, but hell, I like 'em) and heaped hosannas on JOMF and we ask, "where the heck have you been?" For the uninitiated, JOMF take on folk, free jazz, drone rock, roots music and everything else under the sun, combining all that is GOOD in music in a way few others can. Both these recent releases are full of shifting textures, dreamy soundscapes, cluttered jams, and out thinking in general. Very nice indeed.

TED SHRED "Hip Hop vs. Everything"
Yet another stray turntablist west-coast goofball with serious jones for cheesy radio rock of the 80s. Except its a lot better than most: Cookie Monster yowls over the rhythm track of "Billie Jean", Christine McVie meets Xibit AND Snow White, Ol Dirty Bastard goes up against CCR, D.O.C. vs. Don HO, and Billy Squier battles himself. It's REALLY good, and hysterically funny, and the whole damn thing was done live on 2 turntables, one take. I'm sure after 2 listens I'll be filing it for company coming over, but it's still great.

From a year ago or so, but as California grind/noise/metal label Deep Six sent a gigantic package recently, am gradually catching up. Both bands total sickadelic space metal, Zeni Geva/Hawkwind mulched up even more lo-fi and twisted. Really great!

SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM Grand Opening and Closing (Seeland/Chaosophy)
Sort of a short-but-concentrated project with members of such excellent Bay Area groups as Idiot Flesh, Charming Hostess, and Species Being, SGM dropped jaws at Tonic recently, and not just because they pulled up in a gigantic specially-converted 1970's urban transit bus. Extremely dramatic and theatrical like the great Idiot Flesh, SGM also weigh in heavily to the post-Residents mindset of the Vaccination label folks (many of whom record at the same studio), with some great furious rock-heavy flairs of Ruins, Magma and King Crimson. Percussionist Moe! Staiano also brings some massive jones for the metal-clang action of Einstrurzende Neubauten, and the bassist builds amazing musical contraptions on his own. More costume rock in New York City, I say!

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