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what's going on?

* Development / Grantwriting
There's gold in them thar hills, and we want it. Do you know how to get it? Drop us a line, we'll talk.

* Public Service Announcements
We're interested in soliciting interesting and unusual non-profit organizations for fresh PSA material.

* Building help
Handy with a hammer? After nearly 2 decades of the weathering influence of volatile freeform programming, this old house is starting to show its age. Volunteers with carpentry, electrical, masonry and other household skills are sorely needed by this unruly band of art-freaks.

* Broadcast tech / engineering
We find ourselves hitting the road with a bag of mics and a Mackie more and more these days, and could sure use extra hands setting up and maintaining the gear, and sitting the board back home. And we can always use more help with live band engineering, both on the air and in our performance space, Monty Hall. Some background in audio engineering is necessary here.

And that's just the beginning! - we've always got lots of library, data entry, and postal opportunities available to you, the young, energetic and enthusiastic volunteer.

Please contact Volunteer Whippersnapper Scott and tell him what interests you.

Do A Program
Got an idea for a show? We need people early mornings, during weekdays and late nights. E-mail your ideas to Program Director Ken Freedman.

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