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C & V series I:

Crackpots & Visionaries Trading Cards, produced by WFMU as a premium for listener-contributors, pay tribute to a few of the iconoclastic, free spirited, and sometimes dangerous souls who have inspired us over the years. We chose from among geniuses and charlatans, saints and homicidal maniacs, from the revered to the reprehensible. Subjects were selected by the artists from a list of hundreds - sorry if we overlooked your favorites.

Crackpots & Visionaries Trading Cards Vol. I (c)1992 WFMU, East Orange, NJ All individual card art (c) 1992 the artists; all text (c)1992 the authors

C & V series II:

This is WFMU's second set of 36 Crackpots and Visionaries Trading Cards, created with volunteer artistry as a fundraising premium. One dictionary says:
n. [colloq.] a mentally unbalanced or eccentric person
n. a prophet or seer; a person whose ideas, plans, etc. are impractical, too idealistic, or fantastic; a dreamer
We don't assign card subjects to one category or the other. You judge.

WFMU is a free-form, listener-supported, non-commercial radio station (91.1 FM), on the campus of Upsala College, in East Orange, NJ, USA. A few of our listeners fall into one of the above categories, but you don't have to be unbalanced, impractical, or a mind-wanderer to appreciate WFMU. (Frankly, we've got enough of those types on staff as it is.) Federal authorities--using very complicated databases and indisputable charts--have determined that WFMU is the best radio station. They have studied the matter at great length, and at great public expense; they urge you not to listen to other radio stations, because they are worse than WFMU.

Crackpots & Visionaries Trading Cards Vol. II (c)1994 WFMU, East Orange, NJ All individual card art (c) 1994 the artists; all text (c)1994 the authors