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High Society December 1982 - Busting My Cherry [NSFW]

Note: Not Safe For Work!

High Society December 1982 - Busting My Cherry (6:27)

Set the Way Back Machine to 1982:

"Music Sharing" meant borrowing your brother's Rolling Stones albums. "Online Communities" meant people waiting to buy tickets to see "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial". And pornography was not available at the click of a button - especially not to a 16-year-old high school kid.

That's why when Mike S. started bringing in issues of "Penthouse", "Hustler", and "High Society", it blew our little minds. Sure, we'd seen nude models in "Playboy", but these other magazines were our first introduction to fetishes, costumes, non-white women, lesbians and, last but certainly not least, vaginas.

But all we ever had access to were magazines. Sure, you could see the occasional scrambled boob on Cinemax, but any sort of non-print media porn was out of the question. Until the fall of 1982.

Mike brought in the December 1982 issue of "High Society" with a cardboard record featuring the promised you'd "Hear the Sounds of a Virgin Losing Her Cherry!" with accompanying pictorial.

The scenario was simple. Some might say, classic. A teenage babysitter invites her boyfriend over, they start making out and then their hormones take over and she has sex for the first time. She does all the narration on the record. No male voice is heard, so you can pretend to be the boyfriend. It's pure male fantasy. At first she is adamant about staying a virgin, but lust takes over and she becomes an "INSATIABLE SEXPOT".

Looking back at this artifact from today's perspective, when you can see any sort of freaky sex on the internet, from bondage to clown sex, golden showers to lesbian cheerleaders, the vaginas of America's pop stars to granny's banging freakishly hung black dudes, this record seems rather tame in comparison.

Until you realize that the girl in question is clearly underage. Listen to her voice and cadence: she's at best supposed to be 16. Probably younger. That's a little creepy.

The recording you will hear is NOT the original record I got from Mike. S. I'm not that much of a maniac collector (or pervert). Instead it's from a pristine copy I purchased via Ebay. Ah, internet. If only we had you back in the 80s...

- Contributed by: Mr. Gorilla

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