2003   JULY 21   #202

Three Guys from Hollywood - Frozen Embryos

About 10 years ago, when our oldest son (now nearly 30) was a teenager living at home, he was a dedicated Dr. Demento fan and used to tape songs off the radio to play for us. One of my favorite songs was a vaudeville-like ditty called "Frozen Embryos." Last fall, I was watching a rerun of "Law and Order" that dealt with, uh, frozen embryos, I remembered the song and wondered if I could track down a copy, not knowing who the artists were, etc. It was one of my tougher net searches, but I finally located Michael Dare, one of the members of the original group ("Three Guys from Hollywood"). He kindly ripped an MP3 file of the song from a cassette tape and put it on the net.

It's one of those songs you could probably listen to once a day and never tire of it. Frankly, I can see this as an animated short on "The Simpsons".

The song itself was written by Richard Goldman.
See, http://www.gadflyrecords.com/products/225.htm for some more recent work.
As for Michael Dare himself, you can find his web site at:

- Bruce Webster

TT-1:23 / 1MB / 96kbps 44.1khz