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We're an independent freeform station broadcasting at 91.1 fm in New York, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley, and with gobs and gobs of online offerings.

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[click on the photo for the soundbite of the day]
Greetings from WFMU
The Pitbull on the Pantleg of Opportunity.

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Options "Chinatown, My Chinatown" by Al Jolson
Options on Michael Shelley's show
Give the Drummer Radio stream (Schedule)
"Orquesta La Solucion - Oye Negra"
Rock & Soul Ichiban stream
"Johnny Buckett - Griddle Greasin' Daddy"
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"Alan Jaffe,Earl Howard,Gerry H - Alan Jaffe,Earl Howard,Gerry H"
Radio Boredcast stream
"Coil - 33-Fire of the Mind (Radio Boredcast Day 17)"

News from the Freeform Front

Shop on Amazon? Don't worry, your secret is safe with us! Use this link the next time you stock up, and a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to WFMU. Please note that Amazon lists us as "Auricle Communications," which is our grown-up, IRS official name.
List-hounds! Keep up on all the new sounds WFMU is cramming into your brains with our Heavy Airplay Lists, updated every two weeks by Music Director Brian Turner. These lists give a rough estimate of new releases our DJs have been paying attention to. To get our twice-monthly Airplay e-mail, sign up here.
Fans of blown-out rock turned up to 11, take note: tracks by the great early '00s Brookline, MA band Tunnel of Love have recently been added to the Free Music Archive. Grab 'em here and don't forget your earplugs!
Got a beater parked in your driveway? WFMU seeks donations of used vehicles from any state in the U.S. and in any state of disrepair. It's a great way to help your favorite freeform radio station earn a few bucks, while you get a tax write-off (and extra driveway space). Call 1-855-WFMU-CAR (855-936-8227) to arrange for vehicle pick-up (it's free).

Playing Today

The WFMU time is now 11:14am EDT on Saturday. (Full Schedule.)

6am to 9am Options Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison
9am to 11am Options Bob Brainen
11am to 1pm Options Michael Shelley
Special: Author Tom Doyle and rock star Ben Vaughn! (More info)
[See the playlist]
1pm to 3pm Options Fool's Paradise with Rex
3pm to 6pm Options Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili
Special: Annika (More info)
6pm to 9pm Options Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg
Special: Rana Ghose of REProduce on Charanjit Singh and the new indie India (More info)
9pm to Midnight Options Hello Children with Faye
Midnight to 3am Options 100% Whatever with Mary Wing
3am to 6am This week only: Options Micah
Special: Micah fills in for Jonathan Herweg